Detention Sample Clauses

Detention. Teachers and other certificated employees shall have the authority to detain students under their supervision for up to forty (40) minutes after the regular student dismissal time. Detention will not extend beyond the time of departure of the bus upon which the student can ride unless prior arrangements have been made with the student’s parents or guardian.
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Detention. In the present study, while race does not have a statistical significant main effect with detention outcomes, there is once again the presence of an interaction effect involving race and being charged with a person offense. White youth charged with a person offense is inverse and statistically significant. Black youth charged with a person offense is positive and statistically significant. In fact,  Black youth involved in a person offense increases the likelihood of being detained by over 11ൗ2 times relative to all other youth. Estimations for other interactions produced evidence of two additional statistically significant relationships between race with the number of charges and domestic assault with the dependent variable.  Being Black and having a greater number of charges increased the odds of being detained by 32%. No such effect exists for Whites.  White youth involved in domestic assaults, however, have a decreased likelihood of being detained by 90%. For Blacks, domestic assault is not a statistically significant determinant of the decision to detain (though the effect is positive). Most of the legal and extralegal variables predict detention as one would expect. For example, crime severity is predicts detention. Overall, in 3 of 4 assessment studies race has been found either individually or in combination with other factors, person offense, to influence the decision to detain net considerations of other variables. Recall that the DOJ study reported a strong relationship between race and detention in that Black youth were almost 2¾ times more likely to be detained than similarly situated White youth. In the first assessment study by Leiber, race was not found to be a statistically significant predictor of the detention decision once all legal and extralegal factors were taken into account. In Leiber’s second assessment study, Black youth involved in a person offense increased the likelihood of being detained by over two times relative to all other youth net controlling for other factors, including domestic assault cases. Non-judicial., In the present research, race once again does not have a direct statistically significant effect on non-judicial decision-making. But, additive or direct race effects exist for decisions involving a warning and diversion:  Blacks are more likely to receive a warning by 38% than Whites net controls.  Blacks are less likely to receive diversion than Whites by 44%. This latter result is consistent with the previo...
Detention. 4. Referral to a counselor, law enforcement official or state agency.
Detention. The holding by a con- xxxxxx or consignee of a trailer, with or without power unit and driver, beyond the free time allocated for the ship- ment, under circumstances not attrib- utable to the performance of the car- xxxx. [44 FR 4681, Jan. 23, 1979, as amended at 49 FR 47850, Dec. 7, 1984; 62 FR 15424, Apr. 1, 1997] Subpart B—Leasing Regulations § 376.11 General leasing requirements. Other than through the interchange of equipment as set forth in § 376.31, and under the exemptions set forth in subpart C of these regulations, the au- thorized carrier may perform author- ized transportation in equipment it does not own only under the following conditions:
Detention. Before or after-school detentions of an hour or less or Saturday detentions may be assigned either by the teacher or administrator. The parent/legal guardian is notified by means of a detention notice at least one (1) day before the detention is to be served. Two (2) copies of the detention notice will be sent home with the student. One (1) copy is to be retained by the parent/legal guardian. One (1) copy should be signed by the parent/legal guardian and returned to school before the detention is to be served. The parent/legal guardian can legally refuse to allow the student to serve detentions. However, the student will be subject to suspension from school. Disabilities
Detention. The learner understands that the consequences for breaking the school rules will result in the receiving of demerits which may result in detention. The reason, duration and timing of the detention will be indicated on the Detention Slip and in the learner's Homework Book
Detention. 28. APPF and its personnel will guard, transport, or question detainees only if: (a) APPF has been specifically contracted to do so by GIRoA; and (b) its personnel are trained in the applicable national and international law. APPF will require its personnel treat all detained persons humanely and consistent with their status and protections under applicable human rights law or international humanitarian law including, in particular, prohibitions on torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Apprehending Persons
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Detention. Detention is regularly scheduled for one hour before school on Wednesday beginning promptly at 6:17 a.m. and ending at 7:17
Detention. 1. Detention applies when Carrier is delayed or detained on the premises of Shipper or consignee for loading or unloading. Xxxxxxx agrees to be responsible for detention charges, provided that Xxxxxxx arrives at the location of loading or unloading prior to or at the Carrier’s scheduled appointment time. Xxxxxxx will not be entitled to detention charges when Xxxxxxx arrives at the location of loading or unloading after the scheduled appointment time.
Detention. The Rates set forth herein include waiting time of up to one-half hour measured, for docking, from the time that the Tug reports at the dock and for undocking, from the time that the Tug reports at the scheduled sailing time. Waiting time in excess of one- half hour shall be charged at the applicable hourly Rate for each Tug. In addition, if the Vessel is delayed for any reason not attributable to XXXXX after commencement of the work, all such delay shall be charged at the applicable hourly Rate for each Tug. The applicable hourly Rate shall be as set forth in paragraph 3, pro-rated to the next half hour.
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