Statistically significant definition

Statistically significant. (SWRCB) means a statistical test has a p value that is small enough for the null hypothesis to be rejected.
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Statistically significant means that one can be confident that random chance in the sampling of the data can be rejected as the cause of the apparent difference.
Statistically significant means a p-value less than [**].

Examples of Statistically significant in a sentence

Statistically significant variables are in bold (significance p < 0.01, p < 0.05, p < 0.1).

Statistically significant differences were found between perceived task difficulty and complexity, as well as information need clarity and easiness of query formulation.

Statistically significant health disparities exist for First Nations people in BC and across Canada with health outcomes that consistently lag behind those of other Canadians.

Statistically significant decline in class enrollment throughout the program over four consecutive semesters.

Table 5.1: Average rating of recommended videos Bold: Statistically significant at p .05.

More Definitions of Statistically significant

Statistically significant means a p-value [***].
Statistically significant means that a result is not likely to be due to chance alone. For purposes of this Attachment, a significance level of 0.05 or 0.01 should be used in determining statistical significance.
Statistically significant means significant as determined by ANOVA analysis of variance as applied within 40 CFR 258.53(h)(2) or as provided by 40 CFR 258.53(g)(5).
Statistically significant means that the results of an experiment most likely
Statistically significant means the application of a Mann-Kendall analysis performed at 95 percent confidence to determine whether consecutive groundwater sampling data showing greater or lesser concentrations of constituents is statistically significant.
Statistically significant means the lower bound of [***]. For example, if the [***].
Statistically significant means a probability value of 0.05 or less, that is, a probability