JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. In order to encourage open communication, promote harmonious labor relations, and resolve matters of mutual concern, the parties agree to create a joint labor- management committee. The committee will be governed by the following principles:
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JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. The parties agree that they will continue the Joint Labor-Management Committee to discuss matters of mutual interest relating to the employees covered by this Agreement. Topics for the Joint Labor-Management Committee may include, but are not limited to, Professional Development, Incentive Pay, etc. The Committee shall meet quarterly or as mutually agreed by the co-chairs. The President of CWA or designee and the Director of Human Resources or designee shall serve as co-chairs.
JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. There shall be established a Joint Labor- Management Committee to adopt procedures for implementation of the Private Works Letter of Understanding. The Committee shall consist of:
JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. A. The District and the Association agree to establish and participate in a joint labor- management committee to address areas of mutual interest. The parties are responsible for selecting their representatives to the committee. Under no circumstances shall collective bargaining occur in any committee meeting, however recommendations from the committee can be made to the negotiations teams. Likewise, the Labor-Management process will not be a substitute for the contractual grievance process.
JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. The Employer and the Union endorse the goal of a constructive and cooperative relationship. To promote and xxxxxx such a relationship, a Joint Labor-Management Committee will be established. Ad hoc committees may be established by mutual agreement. The purpose of the committee(s) is to provide communication between the parties, to share information, to address concerns and to promote constructive union- management relations.
JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. 16.1 The Union and the City agree to maintain and actively engage in a Labor Management Relations Committee pursuant to the Committee charter.
JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. ‌ 72. Within thirty (30) days of the ratification of this agreement the parties will convene a Joint Labor Management Committee with equal representation from both the SFMTA and the Union. The Committee shall meet every ninety (90) days, but may agree to meet on a more or less frequent basis, as needed to resolve issues that may rise and are within it’s scope as set forth below.
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JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. 12. 1. The parties have established a Joint Labor Management Committee with equal representation from both the City and the Union. Scope:
JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. A. The Union and the District agree to maintain and actively engage in a Labor- Management Relations Committee.
JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. 1. The parties to this Agreement hereby recognize the necessity of communication and the elimination of disputes, misunderstandings, or applications of this Agreement that seriously impact the continuity of projects. To secure this end, it is hereby agreed that a Joint Labor Management Committee shall be established to be composed of the Employer and the Hanford Atomic Metal Trades Council (HAMTC), which shall meet as required and as mutually agreed. They shall bring up any practice which, in their opinion might lead to misunderstandings or disputes between the signatory parties.
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