Decorations Sample Clauses

Decorations. The only acceptable form of affixing items to walls is the use of white sticky tack, and must be removed by the Resident prior to move out, or be subject to removal charges. Spikes, hooks, screws, tacks or nails or any permanent adhesion type tape shall not be put into or on the walls or woodwork, ceilings, furnishings, doors or windows of any part of the Residence. Residents may not decorate the outside of their room door unless for special occasions approved by the Manager. Strings of indoor lights should not be in direct contact with any flammable materials and should not be left on while the room is unattended.
Decorations. The Renter needs to make arrangements for a caterer to supply any table linen needs (tablecloths, napkins, skirting, etc.). Candles must be completely contained in glass tall enough to prevent the flame from being touched should a sleeve pass over the top of it (approximately 3 inches above the flame). Candles must sit atop fireproof surfaces so as not to come into direct contact with tablecloths or other flammable decorations. The use of tape, staples, tacks, etc. on walls, doors, and fixtures is prohibited. If Centre staff deems decorations unsafe or inappropriate, the Centre staff has the right to remove the items. The Centre shall not be responsible for damage to any items removed pursuant to this provision. All decorations must be removed from the building immediately following the conclusion of the event. The use of glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed, bubbles, and other celebratory devices is prohibited inside and outside of the building. Curtains on the stage are not to be tied back or altered in any way. Attaching anything to these curtains is strictly prohibited. Movement of any Centre property such as plants or furniture, within a rental space, must have the approval of The Centre staff and must be done by a Centre staff member. DELIVERIES - LOADING/UNLOADING The Centre’s staff or College personnel will not be responsible for accepting deliveries for the Renter. All major loading and unloading for The Centre is to take place in the loading dock area. After loading and unloading, all vehicles must park in a designated area that is cleared by The Centre’s staff. All minor loading and unloading must be done using the side entrance to The Centre. (These are the double metal doors located on the west side and half way down the building.) After loading or unloading is complete, all vehicles must be moved to a designated parking area before the start of the event.
Decorations. Will not be attached by any means to the walls, floors, paneling or ceiling. THE USE OF ANY TYPE OF CONFETTI OR GLITTER IS NOT PERMITTED. IF USED, WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATIC LOSS OF DEPOSIT. Some type of table covering must be used.
Decorations. Decorations must be removable without damage to paint or finished surfaces of the room. Nails, tacks, scotch tape, plastic hooks, adhesive stickers, contact paper, decals and paneling are considered damaging and are prohibited. No object may be hung from the ceilings, pipes, or fire safety equipment.
Decorations. 3.5.1 To decorate the inside of the Premises in the year 2017 and in the last three months of the Term (however it may terminate) with two coats of good quality paint or good quality polish, and with paper for those parts normally papered, or other suitable and appropriate materials of good quality, in a workmanlike manner (the decorations in the last three months of the Term to be executed in such colours, patterns and materials as the Landlord may reasonably require) but provided that the Tenant shall not be obliged to decorate the inside of the Premises more than once in any 12 month period.
Decorations. Decoration may not be fastened to the walls with pins, tacks, tape, nails, or staples. Candles must be completely enclosed in a glass or non-flammable holder. The use of glitter, straw, or hay is prohibited in the buildings. Storage. No storage is provided or available before, or after an event. All belongings must be removed at the end of the event. The City of Canton is not responsible for items left behind, before, during, or after an event. Alcoholic Beverages. Permission must be requested on the rental agreement to possess and serve alcohol at events. If alcohol is sold, an additionalSpecial Events Permit” liquor license must be obtained from the City of Canton. Renters must abide by all laws of the State of South Dakota concerning the use and serving of alcohol. Alcohol must remain inside the building. Responsible adults must serve the alcohol and must be aware of the liability of serving alcohol to your guests. It is a violation of law to allow or otherwise permit minors to consume alcoholic beverages. If minors are illegally served or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at the facility, the entire security deposit shall be forfeited and such violations will be reported to the Police Department. Prohibited Items and Uses. - No use of pins, tacks, tape or nails is allowed. - No live animals, except service animals, may be brought onto the premises. - Smoking, and the use of tobacco products is prohibited in the building. A smoking receptacle is provided outside the building. - Weapons are not permitted on the premises. - No subleasing of the depot is allowed or permitted. - Motorized vehicles of any type are not allowed in buildings. - Skateboards and rollerblades are not allowed in the buildings or on the property. - No chairs, tables, or other items shall be removed from the building. Enforcement. Failure to comply with any of the rules or provisions in this agreement may result in the loss of the security deposit and of future use of the Depot.
Decorations. No decorations may be attached to the ceilings or walls of the Shul. Use of glitter, silly string, and confetti are prohibited. If the Event is on Shabbat or Yom Tov, all party decorations, balloons or floral arrangements must be delivered and constructed before Shabbat. All decorations, including centerpieces or any other items, brought in to the Shul by Renter must be removed by the Cleanup Deadline. Renter shall be responsible for all damage caused by decorations and the cost of removal.
Decorations. In addition to the requirements set out at clause 7 of the Standard Terms and Conditions, the Hirer must not allow any balloons, flags, streamers, or other decorations to be hung or otherwise attached to any ceiling fans, acoustic panels, lights, heaters, or air condition vents, or as otherwise may be directed by UCA from time to time. Confetti, rice, glitter or other similar substances must not be thrown within the Use Area or the Property. Candles, incense burners or other items involving naked flames may only be used with the prior written consent of UCA. The Hirer is encouraged to discuss any proposed decorations with UCA in advance of the relevant Access Times.
Decorations. NO nails, tacks, and staples/staple guns may be used on any surface. NO DUCT OR ELECTRICAL TAPE! Approved items to affix decorations include:  Velcro (Velcro allows for quick decoration removal at the end of the event), zip ties, or high quality non-marking tape (painters tape) ONLY!
Decorations. Chair and table decorations using clear tape, table centerpieces, and flame enclosing globe candles are permitted. Decorations may not be affixed to the walls, building, or fixtures. Decorations may be laid on the fireplace mantel and/or hearth. Fog machines, sidewalk chalk, glitter, bird seed, rice, confetti, nails, and staples are not permitted.