Pedestrian Traffic Sample Clauses

Pedestrian Traffic. All pedestrian traffic will operate as previously approved in the Major Event Site Plan.
Pedestrian Traffic. The shelter will operate by bed reservation only and no walk‐ins will be accepted. The clients will be expected to utilize the transportation options that will be provided to them by Mercy House. No walk‐up policy will be posted and disseminated throughout the community. Any individual that does walk‐up will receive information on how to make a bed reservation and be provided transportation to a self‐directed location out of the surrounding area to return only when the established reservation protocol has been followed.
Pedestrian Traffic. For a Major or Mid-Tier Event, the Owner, only with the approval and consent of and in conjunction with the Colorado State Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department, may erect a continuous barricade along the east shoulder of northbound Colorado Highway 36 extending from the south edge of the side entrance driveway southward across the bridge up to and including the free right turn lane from High Street. This barricade will delineate and secure a six (6) foot-wide pedestrian walkway while maintaining the existing two traffic lanes on northbound 36. An additional barricade can be erected along the west edge of southbound Fifth Avenue to close off the free right tum lane at High Street. The Town shall not be responsible for maintaining and managing vehicular and pedestrian traffic along Colorado Highway 36. The Annexation Agreement requires the Owner to retain Xxxxxxxx Xxxx & Xxxxxxx, Inc. or other traffic engineer acceptable to the Town Engineer to complete a traffic impact study ("TIS”). The TIS shall include a traffic and pedestrian control plan ("Traffic Control Plan") that contains recommendations for maximizing pedestrian safety at Major Events and minimizes traffic congestion for travelers on Colorado Highway 36. The Owner shall implement the recommendations set forth in the Traffic Control Plan, following review and approval of the Traffic Control Plan by the Town Administrator and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department.

Related to Pedestrian Traffic

  • Parking During the “Term” of this Lease (as defined in Section 2.1), Tenant shall be entitled to use the surface parking facilities at the Property in common with other Building tenants and occupants, but such right shall be limited to four (4) non-exclusive tenant parking spaces for each 1,000 rentable square feet demised hereunder. Tenant will notify its agents, contractors, employees, licensees or invitees (the “Tenant Parties”) of this parking provision. The foregoing shall not be deemed to provide Tenant with an exclusive right to any parking spaces or any guaranty of the availability of any particular parking spaces. The Tenant’s use of the parking facilities is available on a non-exclusive first-come, first-served basis. Tenant agrees not to overburden the parking facilities and agrees to cooperate with Landlord and other Building tenants and occupants in the use of parking facilities. Landlord may designate parking facilities at the Property for the handicapped, visitors to the Building and for use by other tenants. Landlord may install signage or implement a pass or sticker system to control parking use, and may employ valet parking to meet the requirements of this Section. To the extent applicable to Tenant’s use of the parking spaces, the provisions of this Lease shall apply, including Rules and Regulations of general applicability from time to time promulgated by Landlord.

  • Transit Traffic The following rates will apply: