Existing Improvements definition

Existing Improvements means the improvements existing on the Premises as of the Effective Date of this Agreement.
Existing Improvements means the buildings and improvements which are situated on the Applicable Land on the Rezoning Date;
Existing Improvements means (a) with respect to a particular Tract of Land, all Improvements existing on such Land on the Acquisition Date therefor and (b) with respect to all the Land, all such Improvements. Each reference to "Existing Improvements" shall refer collectively to Existing Improvements with respect to all the Land unless such reference specifically indicates that it applies to a particular Tract.

Examples of Existing Improvements in a sentence

  • Protection of Existing Improvements: Provide protections necessary to prevent damage to existing improvements indicated to remain in place.

  • Protection of Existing Improvements: Provide protection necessary to prevent damage to existing improvements indicated to remain in place.

  • Existing Improvements: Protect existing improvements that are to remain in place, that are to be reused, or that is to remain the property of the Engineer by temporary covers, shoring, bracing, and supports.

  • During the PILOT Term, the Lessee shall pay PILOT with respect to the Existing Improvements (the “Existing Improvements PILOT”) in the amounts described below.

  • Existing Improvements in the Development Area to be Demolished, Repaired or Altered and Time Required for Completion.

More Definitions of Existing Improvements

Existing Improvements means the improvements currently located on the Site.
Existing Improvements means, without limitation all equipment, fixtures and related installations, and improvements including all appurtenances thereto existing within the Premises as of the Commencement Date and owned by the City.
Existing Improvements means any im- provements which exist at the time of the adoption of this specific plan. Such existing improvements must have been legally constructed in compliance with all building and zoning codes in effect at the time the improvements were constructed.
Existing Improvements. As defined in Section 1.2.
Existing Improvements means all leasehold improvements existing in the Premises on the date hereof.
Existing Improvements. ’ means: (i) the highway that as of October 19, 1998 was part of the King’s Highway known as Number 407 located on the Highway 407 Lands including all improvements, signage, the toll system, equipment, materials and fixtures forming a part of and used in connection with Highway 407; (ii) all buildings and structures on the Project Lands; (iii) all other facilities, fixtures and personal property contained on the Project Lands or used in connection with the Project Lands; (iv) all mechanical, electrical and other systems used in connection with any of the foregoing; and (v) the facilities completed or to be completed by the Province, including Highway 407 Central, as more particularly described in the Concession Agreement.
Existing Improvements means the buildings, structures, and any other improvements located on the Leased Property prior to the execution of the Lease.