Definition of Project Agreement

Project Agreement means, with respect to Breach of Contract coverage, one or more of the agreements, contracts or binding commitments in each case either:

Project Agreement means a certified agreement for a project or a proposed project.

Project Agreement means that certain agreement between the Department and the [Funding Recipient] for [FundedProject Name] dated [insert date].

Examples of Project Agreement in a sentence

During construction of the Project, Developer shall maintain the insurance required by the Project Agreement.
Developer shall keep in full force and effect, without any violations by Developer, any and all filings or registrations with any Agency necessary in connection with: (i) the performance by Developer of its obligations under the AT Documents; (ii) the acquisition of the materials to construct, and/or the construction of, the Project in accordance with the Project Agreement, this Contract, and the Construction Contract; or (iii) the sale of the Acquisition Property in accordance with this Contract.
Developer shall comply with all Laws in: (i) the conduct of its business and other operations; and (ii) the performance of its obligations under the Project Agreement, the Construction Contract, this Contract, and the AT Documents.
Project shall mean the project to be constructed by Company pursuant to, and in accordance with, the Project Agreement.
At all times PRF shall: (i) keep the Project Site and, after the acquisition thereof, the Acquisition Property, free from any and all liens, claims, security interests, encumbrances, and restrictions, except for: (A) the lien of current real estate taxes not delinquent; and (B) any of the foregoing existing due to compliance with the Project Agreement, this Contract, and/or the AT Documents; and (ii) defend the Project Site against the claims and demands of others.

More definitions of Project Agreement

Project Agreement means the Lodi Energy Center Power Sales Agreement, dated as of May 24, 2010, by and among the District, the Northern California Power Agency, the City of Azusa, the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, the State of California Department of Water Resources, the C-8 Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative, the City of Biggs, the City of Gridley, the City of Healdsburg, the City of Lodi, the City of Lompoc, the City of Oakland acting by and through its Board of Port Commissioners, the City of Santa Clara, the City of Ukiah and the Power and the Water Resources Purchasing Authority.

Project Agreement means the agreement dated of even date herewith between (1) the Authority and (2) the Contractor;