Communication System Sample Clauses

Communication System. The Company shall provide the Communication/SCADA-EMS facilities to proposed solar power plant; the power plant authority shall ensure the followings- Optical Fiber connectivity from Chuadanga substation control room to Power Plant Control room/SAS room/DCS room.
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Communication System. The Association shall be allowed to make reasonable use of the schools' communication system, including teachers' mail boxes, intercom, teacher bulletins, e-mail, etc. Such use shall not disrupt the instructional day, and provided such use is not intended to advance, influence, or interfere with the political process (i.e. elections). The only exception to this regulation will be the use of the schools by NPEA for the purpose of conducting political candidate forums for school board elections.
Communication System. Whenever derricks are used for hoisting structural steel or other materials, a direct wired communication system, telephone or other approved signals shall be used unless manual signals are most appropriate.
Communication System. The Concessionaire shall provide a state-of-art communication system which shall primarily consist of telecommunication and networking equipments. These shall form the basic infrastructure for implementing the Management Information System in the bus terminal. State Government may introduce Global Positioning System (GPS) for all of its fleet of buses. The Concessionaire shall coordinate with State Government/ department to provide real time information for arrival and departure of buses. The Passenger information system should provide real time information consistent with guidelines. To accommodate potential technology requirements, the concessionaire should provide excess capacity in the conduit system. Audio system should also be used as a part of Public Address System. The series of speakers should be located throughout the passenger waiting area. Different departments/maintenance staff of the Concessionaire should be accessible on call at all times. Preferably walky-talkies and wireless local loop phones shall be provided. Landscaping Area No area/pocket in the bus terminal is to be left barren. Adequate Landscaping shall be done in the Project Site area for improving the aesthetics of the bus terminal. The landscaped pockets shall be properly illuminated and railings of suitable type shall be provided to segregate the same from other components of the Bus Terminal. Landscaped area shall be provided properly and effort should be made to provide a suitable buffer zone /area /belt between the passenger concourse area and the commercial complex. Electricity Supply & Illumination Standards An electric sub-station/ Transformer may be provided in the bus terminal for electric supply to the Bus Terminal Facility. Apart from the electric supply, in case of emergencies, there shall be provision for Standby Diesel Generator Sets of suitable capacity which shall be provided in the bus terminal in a non-polluting manner for power backup to the terminal during power breakdowns and power cuts. The bus terminal shall be adequately lit as per the minimum approximate illumination standards prescribed. During night time common areas and facilities should be sufficiently illuminated to ensure visibility and safety to users. High mast lighting shall be provided to lit up the bus terminal area.
Communication System. Due Every Quarter Participate in the regular testing of the 24/7 notification system initiated by the CDEpi section.
Communication System. Client, acting through Purchaser, shall be solely responsible for providing a communications link to the location of the inverters for the purpose of connecting the Data Acquisition System (“DAS”) with the Purchaser’s existing computer network.
Communication System. Para-Professional Council 204 shall have reasonable use of appropriate school communications equipment upon approval of the administration. Council 204 will pay for all consumable materials used. No school equipment shall be removed from the premises or used for political purposes.
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Communication System. The Company shall provide the Communication/SCADA-EMS facilities to proposed power plant; the power plant authority shall ensure the followings- Optical Fiber connectivity from Mongla 132/33 kV Grid Substation, Bagerhat or Gollamari 132/33 kV Grid Substation, Khulna control room to Power Plant Control room/SAS room/DCS room.
Communication System. The City agrees to provide to the Union email addresses for all Union members. The City agrees to work with the Union to attempt to identify appropriate and usable bulletin board space at each work-site.
Communication System. The Building is provided with the modern telecommunication facilities. The main feeder consists of two independent opto-fiber cables. Telecommunication services in the Building are provided by three operators.
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