Claims Forms Sample Clauses

Claims Forms. The Plan does not require a written notice of a claim. The Plan, upon receipt of a notice of a claim, will send the Member claims forms. If claim forms are not sent within fifteen (15) days after the Member gives the Plan notice of a claim, the Member shall be considered to have complied with the requirements of this Agreement as to proof of loss, if the Member submits, within the time stated in the Agreement for filing proof of loss, written proof of the occurrence, character, and the extent of the loss for which claim is made. Benefits under this Agreement will be paid within 30 days after receipt of a written proof of loss.

Related to Claims Forms

  • Claims Review The IRO shall conduct a review of LFAC’s claims submitted to and reimbursed by the Medicare and Medicaid programs, to determine whether the items and services furnished were medically necessary and appropriately documented (including that the records underlying the claims have not been duplicated or cloned), and whether the claims were correctly coded, submitted, and reimbursed for each three-month period during the term of this IA (Quarterly Claims Review) and shall prepare a Quarterly Claims Review Report, as outlined in Appendix B to this IA, which is incorporated by reference. The first three-month period for purposes of the Quarterly Claims Review requirement shall begin 30 days after the Effective Date. Each Quarterly Claims Review Report shall be submitted to OIG within 60 days following the end of the three-month period covered by the Quarterly Claims Review.

  • Claims Procedures Each Person entitled to be indemnified by the other Party (an “Indemnified Party”) pursuant to Section 10.1 or Section 10.2 will give notice to the other Party (an “Indemnifying Party”) promptly after such Indemnified Party has actual knowledge of any threatened or asserted claim as to which indemnity may be sought, and will permit the Indemnifying Party to assume the sole control of the defense of any such claim or any litigation resulting therefrom; provided, however: