Celebration Sample Clauses

Celebration. The award recognizes Pacific Gas and Electric employees whose efforts best promote the value of diversity in the workplace. Diversity is defined as all the ways in which we are different. This difference includes job functions, work styles, experience and ideas - in addition to race, age, gender and sexual orientation. Diversity allows for new perspectives and more innovative ways to conduct business. Each Diversity Champion will receive a $500 award in recognition of his or her demonstrated commitment to diversity. The deadline for submitting nominations is Tuesday, September 25. The nomination form and additional information can be found in the attachment. Pacific Gas and Electric CEO, Gordon Smith, will present the Diversity Champion Awards on October 18, during the Diversity Celebration in the 245 Market Street Auditorium. Award recipients and their supervisors will receive personal invitations to the celebration, which begins at 11:30 a.m. Complete nomination fonn and return to: Diversity Champion Award Attn: Mike Conlon/PSEA 1390 Willow Pass Road, Suite 480 Concord Fax to (925) 246-6230 Michael Conlon at 8-246-6224 or (925) 246-6224 Frances Wilder-Davis at 8-583-4280 or (925) 974-4280 •• PBcific GBS Bod ~~ Electric CompBoy Name ofNominee _ HOW TO APPLY: Complete nomination form and return via company mail to: Diversity Champion Award Attn: Michael Conlon/PSEA 1390 Willow Pass Road, Suite 480 Concord DEADLINE: September 25,2001 • reflect an understanding that people from diverse backgrounds provide PG&E with the opportunity for more creative thinking, problem-solving and greater productivity. Diversity is defined as all the ways in which we are different -- race, gender, sexual orientation, age, problem- solving approaches and work functions, for example. Appreciating these differences allows for new ideas, experiences and perspectives to contribute to work relationships and to the organization, and creates the opportunity for greater creativity and innovation.
Celebration. Our day of celebration will be November 22, 2008. This date was chosen because November 21, 1808 was the date that the bill was introduced into the Legislature. It was read three (3) times and passed, which was on December 14, 1808.
Celebration. Note: In some situations the negative (against) portion of the vote of the congregation may be significant. If more than 5%, at the discretion of the PNC and in full consultation with the candidate, a delay in the decision is recommended until PNC, candidate, and branch minister can discuss why this negative portion is high. If the negative vote exceeds 10%, a delay is mandatory until that conversation can be held.Guidelines for the Service of Installation Ordination & Installation Service Policy & Guidelines https://www.pghpresbytery.org/ministry_teams/committees_commissions/com/c om-forms/ordination-installation-service-policy-guidelines/ Planning the Commission for Your Ordination Servicehttps://www.jotform.com/pghpresby/CPM_planning_ordination_commission Service of Ordination/Installation for Called Pastors & Associates https://www.pghpresbytery.org/ministry_teams/committees_commissions/com/c om-forms/service-of-installation-for-called-pastors-associates/ Service of Ordination for Candidates Called to Temporary Pastoral Positions or Validated Ministrieshttps://www.pghpresbytery.org/ministry_teams/committees_commissions/com/c om-forms/service-of-ordination-for-candidates-called-to-temporary-pastoral- positions-validated-ministries/ Service of Ordination & Installation For Candidates Called to Installed Pastoral Positions Who are being Ordained and Installed in the place of their Call https://www.pghpresbytery.org/ministry_teams/committees_commissions/com/c om-forms/service-of-ordination-installation-for-candidates-called-to-installed- pastoral-positions/ BOOK OF OCCASIONAL SERVICEShttps://www.pghpresbytery.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Book-of- Occasional-Services.pdf 4. Commissioned Pastors (CP)COMMISSIONED PASTORS‌ VISION STATEMENT Service as a “Commissioned Pastor” (CP) is a calling acknowledged by the Book of Order to ministry within the PC(USA). God calls men and women to this ministry. Using their God given gifts and talents, along with appropriate training, CPs are one of the varieties of ministry Pittsburgh Presbytery may employ in assisting churches to be faithful in Word, Sacrament, and service. Pittsburgh Presbytery will seek to identify those whom God has called and place them in any number of ministry positions. Each placement and position shall be considered and validated by seeking answers to questions such as: • Is there a clear sense that the CP is called by God?• If so, what is the appropriate position?• Will the CP in that ministry p...
Celebration. Host at least one educational event or pollinator habitat planting or restoration each year to showcase Mount Airy’s commitment to raising awareness of pollinator conservation and expanding pollinator health and habitat.
Celebration. Like a carnival there is much celebration in the play. The charactersbeliefs, desires, aspirations (mentally as well as bodily), and likes and dislikes gush out without inhibitions. Sasirekha is a lover of beauty and music. She can give up anything for it. She sees herself through her uncontrolled desires: To love is a very natural desire. A desire that has sprung from the depths of my heart- I’m a lover of beauty. I can give up anything for beauty… I loved Krishna’s handsome looks, Sundara Rao’s melodic music, and Rama Rao’s truthfulness… is it wrong to love these?... how is it possible not to love? How can I control the desire surging out of every nerve that there is something greater than, and as everlasting as, this beauty and this bodily pleasure? (470) This is something which she wouldn’t be able to utter in any formal situation imposing moral censorship on speech by women. Rajeswari too is intoxicated by her experiences when she says, “I am the one who has been intoxicated by my wanderings in the world of happiness and beauty. I am the one who has taken a holy dip in the painful fire that burns the heart.” (474) Padmavati too had passionate immersion in love: That day- the last moonlit night that Radhakrishna and I met—in the midst of that beautiful nature we were immersed in each other’s beauty. We didn’t even touch each other… we experienced a happiness way beyond this physical body. (478) The uninhibited expression of desire, love, infatuation, intoxication is possible only in carnival as the atmosphere is not mandated by usual rules and codes on the inhabitants. In other situations, they would be termed immoral behaviours. Sundaramma too aspires vainly of life with her child, without any man spoiling their ‘family’. It is probably a dream that she could cherish only in imagination. She wishes, “But… but… if I could have had my baby without that wretched marriage- …My baby—and I – what a beautiful dream!” (488) Facts and Fancy The facts mingle with the fantasy here. The fact is that Sundaramma has lost her child because of the person who acted like a doctor and cheated her. She has the hope only. Likewise, all other women characters had lived their life with bitter experiences with men and have come to this situation of no further hope in sight. However, they cannot stop fancying a new life with their regained self. Their procession at the end is culmination of the much-awaited celebration of ‘self’ moving from personal to political, strengthen...
Celebration. Within thirty (30) days after the close of the fiscal quarter during which Celebration acquires assets of an aggregate fair market value in excess of $2,500,000, Borrower shall provide the Bank notice of same.
Celebration. The Spirit will rest on us and make us prophets of God. We don‘t have to bear our burdens alone because the Spirit will come and give us what we need as a people. God promised it and God fulfills God‘s promises. So the Spirit will rest on everyone. When the dove rests on us, there is true community. O Lord, send the power just now.Anointing fall on me. Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me! Fall on me. Fall on me. Lord, let the Holy Ghost fall on me. If you let the Holy Ghost fall on me: I‘ll walk right; I‘ll talk right; I‘ll live right; I‘ll give right. Lord, let the Holy Ghost fall on me. Fall on me. Fall on me. People are dying; children are crying; families are lost. Lord, what‘s the cost? Lord, let the Holy Ghost fall on me. Fall on me. Fall on me. Lord, let the Holy Ghost fall on me. If you let the Holy Ghost fall on me: I‘ll walk right; I‘ll talk right; I‘lllive right; I‘ll give right. Lord, let the Holy Ghost fall on me, right now.
Celebration. The rest of the council felt that putting something in the Town Newsletter would be
Celebration. From Mr. Schmitt: Celebration – All fall athletes – for a great job this season.
Celebration. .......... Liberia First Preferred Ship Mortgage in favor of the Swedish National Dept Office. 2. Jubilee................ Panama None. 3. Tropicale..............