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PARAGRAPH ONE. The payment of fines and penalties set out in the clauses above shall not exempt LESSEE from solving any damage that it may perchance cause to the REAL PROPERTY.
PARAGRAPH ONE. The signing of separate agreements can account for other details regarding the exchange program. These agreements must be approved by the administration office of each institution or facilities concerned, following the specific rules of each institution.
PARAGRAPH ONE. In no case shall changes in the financial condition of the BUYER or SELLER constitute an Exculpatory Event under this Agreement. Neither BUYER nor SELLER shall be liable for failure to perform or for the imperfect fulfillment of all or any of its obligations set forth in this Agreement if such failure is caused by events constituting Force Majeure, Act of God or Exculpatory Event, duly evidenced. Force Majeure, Acts of God or Exculpatory Events do not discharge BUYER from its obligation to pay SELLER those invoices for the supply of crude that has been delivered by SELLER in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The occurrence of any of the events specified in this Clause shall not in any way exempt or release the Parties from meeting their obligations contracted and / or caused prior to the occurrence of the events referred to in this Clause.

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  • PARAGRAPH ONE – The dividend provided for in this Article shall not be mandatory for a fiscal year when the Board of Directors informs the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting that it is incompatible with the financial situation of the Company; the Conselho Fiscal shall render an opinion in that sense and the Company’s management shall send to the CVM, within five days following the Shareholders’ Meeting, a presentation justifying the information transmitted to the Shareholders’ Meeting.

  • PARAGRAPH ONE – The above limits shall be applied jointly and successively in relation to Foreign Shareholders and Groups of Foreign Shareholders.PARAGRAPH TWO – The Chairman of the Shareholders’ Meeting shall inform the number of votes that may be exercised by each shareholder present, after application of the rules set forth in Article 15 and in this Article.

  • PARAGRAPH ONE - The regularity will be characterized by the continuous exploration of the service in strict compliance with the stipulations in the norms established by Anatel.

  • PARAGRAPH ONE - Members of the Company’s Board of Directors, either effective or alternates, or of the Executive Committee, may compose the Special Committee.PARAGRAPH TWO – In case of appointment of members of the Executive Committee to compose the Special Committee, such Officer accumulating functions in both the Executive committee and in the Special Committee shall be entitled only to the greatest remuneration among the seats occupied.

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PARAGRAPH ONE. For the effect of the provision in this Section, the concept of transfer within the same legal entity includes any transfer among the current shareholders and:
PARAGRAPH ONE. By means of this Amendment, and for the full purposes of law, the STATE hereby irrevocably authorizes CEMIG to retain amounts from the STATE’s entitlement to dividends and/or Interest on Equity receivable from CEMIG for the payment of the Installments and the balance of the DEBIT, plus the interest owed and duly adjusted, subject to the provisions of this instrument. Paragraph Two: Of the distribution, as ordinary dividends and Interest on Equity, of 50% (fifty per cent) of net profit, CEMIG shall, unless otherwise provided for in this instrument, proceed as follows:
PARAGRAPH ONE. It is since already guaranteed to the RENTER the option to prorogue this contract, since he reveals his intention through writing up to 60 (sixty) days before the ending of the contract.
PARAGRAPH ONE. In all cases, it is understood that IDG LATAM is neither bound nor entitled to operate the SITP Money Collection System, since this obligation, pursuant to the Concession Contract, is vested in RBSAS. In this manner, IDG LATAM is obliged to provide professional services enabling RBSAS to operate the SITP Money Collection System more efficiently through it’s operation of the Self-Service Devices which are the subject of this contract.
PARAGRAPH ONE. At any time, during the term of this Contract, RBSAS may make changes to the locations where the Services are to be provided, reporting such planned activity at least 30 days prior to it taking place to IDG LATAM. So as to ensure IDG LATAM can take measures it deems necessary to accommodate the changes. RBSAS shall bear all mutually agreed to costs identified by IDG LATAM to accommodate these RBSAS initiated changes. The parties expressly declare that the payments for the Physical Availability of Equipment Service related to the Equipment shall continue to be paid in full by RBSAS without modification in the event a change of location of any Equipment is required, or any other change which may affect the Services is made by RBSAS.
PARAGRAPH ONE. Should IDG LATAM not maintain compliance with the Incident Solution Time indicators corresponding to Lxxxx 0 xxx Xxxxx XX Xxxxxxxxxxx as well as the Monthly Failure Index pursuant to Schedule 8, RBSAS shall proceed to make a discount in accordance with Tables 1, 2, and 3 included in Schedule 8 associated with the impacted monthly invoices that relate to the Maintenance Services of IDG LATAM for the relevant month. Discounts shall be made in accordance with the penalty tables described in Schedule 8; unless the cause, event or circumstance is not in the control of IDG LATAM, such as failures arising from the acts or omissions of RBSAS, their respective employees, agents, contractors or representatives, customers or any other third parties, whether or not acting on behalf of RBSAS, non-availability of electrical service for a period of time greater than the provided UPS, a network communications failure, except when they are associated directly to the ATM machine, a failure of the RBSAS FCS, a failure attributed to the RBAPI, a planned maintenance windows, any vandalism or acts of God, and use of the Equipment not within it’s operational specifications.
PARAGRAPH ONE. Given the broad duration of this Contract, the Parties hereto may agree to change by mutual agreement the amount of pieces of Equipment and spare parts required to keep in Stock. PARAGRAPH TWO: Spare parts of the Equipment are to be originals in compliance with the suitability and quality features for the provision of the Services and in accordance with the technical specifications of each spare part and component of the Equipment. In all cases, when RBSAS makes changes to the Equipment components, it shall inform IDG LATAM immediately and deliver them the changed components within 24 hours after the corresponding change has taken place.