Local Church definition

Local Church means a local church of the United Reformed Church;
Local Church means a local church of the Church as described in Paragraph 1(1) of the document entitled “The Structure of the United Reformed Church” which appears at Section B of the Church’s Manual.

Examples of Local Church in a sentence

  • Include and identify Appointments Beyond the Local Church (Deacons) and Appointments to Extension Ministries (Elders).

  • Local Church must provide sufficient documentation of same to Annual Conference.

  • Local Church acknowledges and agrees that pursuant to ¶ 2501 of the Discipline, Local Church holds all property, real and personal, tangible and intangible, in trust for the benefit of The United Methodist Church.

  • Local Church and any of its affiliates which have been included in the group tax exemption ruling will be removed as of the Disaffiliation Date.

  • As of the Disaffiliation Date, Local Church shall cease to use, and also shall ensure that any affiliates of Local Church which have been included in the group tax exemption ruling shall cease to use, any and all documentation stating that Local Church is included in the denomination’s group tax exemption ruling administered by the General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church.

More Definitions of Local Church

Local Church means a localised Christian community of common faith as defined in this constitution.
Local Church means the body of persons for the time being constituting a Society or Local Church under the Deed of Union and Standing Orders;
Local Church means a Christian Church located within the Commonwealth
Local Church means any of the area Christian Reformed Churches which make up the Classis in accordance with the Church Order;
Local Church means that congregation of the Denomination known as Maranatha Christian Reformed Church of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, currently meeting in the City of Edmonton, in the Province of Alberta, and consisting of confessing members and baptized members, also called the Church and the Church herein;
Local Church means a Baptist church in Ontario or Quebec that has fulfilled the membership qualifications of an Association and of the CBOQ in accordance with this General Operating By-law, and has all of the rights and duties associated therewith.
Local Church means churches within the Presbytery;