Casino Sample Clauses

Casino. The VCGLR will determine the staffing levels and span of shift hours required at the Casino, in accordance with the VCGLR’s operational requirements. The development of a separate standard roster for inspector duties to be conducted at the Casino will be in accordance with clause 261.2 of this Appendix. If the VCGLR determines, at any time, that the number of Inspectors rostered for duty at the Casino is in excess of requirements, the roster or work location of one or more Inspectors may be varied. If there is an unplanned absence from a team, the VCGLR will determine if extra staffing resources are required. If the VCGLR determines that additional resources are required, the VCGLR will contact Inspectors to determine if they are available to undertake additional work. If an Inspector undertakes additional work in accordance with clause 261.7(c) of this Appendix above, the Inspector will be paid in accordance with clause 36, Section I of this Agreement for the hours so worked. An Inspector may reasonably refuse additional work offered in accordance with clause 261.7(c) of this Appendix.
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Casino. Trustor acknowledges that part of the Trust Property consists of a casino and gaming property (the "Casino") which is subject to Gaming Laws and the jurisdiction of the Gaming Authorities and that, under the applicable Gaming Laws, the operation of the Casino by a person other than a person properly licensed by the Gaming Authorities to operate a casino and gaming business (a "Licensee") is prohibited and may result in the closing of the Casino, the loss of customers, employees, revenues and good will, and the severe diminution in the value of the Trust Property, all to the economic jeopardy and extreme detriment of Beneficiary. In order to mitigate such adverse consequences, Trustor agrees that, if an Event of Default has occurred, either before or after seeking an appointment of a receiver, in addition to any other right or remedy available to Beneficiary hereunder or under applicable law (but subject to any applicable requirements of the applicable Gaming Laws), (a) Beneficiary shall have the right (but not the obligation) to solicit any Licensee or other person with the capacity to become a Licensee to purchase, lease and/or operate the Casino as a receiver of the Trust Property, as a supervisor of the Casino, as a purchaser of the Trust Property or Casino at any foreclosure sale, or in any other appropriate capacity permitted under the applicable Gaming Laws; (b) any such Licensee or other person and Beneficiary may, to the extent permitted under the applicable Gaming Laws, apply to and appear before the Gaming Authorities and any other appropriate authority for a license or a finding of suitability to permit such Licensee or other person to operate the Casino; and (c) Trustor shall cooperate fully with any action taken by Beneficiary and any such Licensee or other person pursuant to this Section 4.8.
Casino. No casino shall be operated at the Hotel without the consent of Owner and Operator. In the event the parties shall approve a casino for operation at the Hotel, Operator shall have the exclusive right to operate such casino as a part of the Hotel, and the excess of the gross amount wagered therein over the total amount of money won by wagerers will be included in the Total Revenue of the Hotel and the expenses of operation relating to the casino will be an Operating Expense.
Casino. Phase I has opened for business as a casino gaming operation so long as any necessary regulatory approval from the LGCB or any other State of Louisiana regulatory authorities have been received or if such approvals have not been received, even though timely receipt of any such approvals has been diligently pursued by or on behalf of the Company, Casino - Phase I is in a condition to receive customers in the ordinary course of business.
Casino. MOVE If the casino arranges to move to a new location, the casino agrees to advise the Union of the planned date for the move as soon as the date is set, and will also promptly advise the Union of any changes to the planned moving date. The casino agrees to discuss with the Union issues arising out of the planned move prior to the planned moving date. It is recognized that changes to the planned moving date are normally due to circumstances beyond the control of the casino and changes to any planned moving date are likely to occur. The casino agrees to keep the Union informed with respect to the planned moving date.
Casino. 24.01. If a casino is operated in the Hotel, Operator shall have the exclusive right to operate it. The excess of the gross amount wagered therein over the total amount of money won by wager will be included in the Total Revenue. Such excess, reduced by the Operating Expenses relating to the casino, will be considered and treated as part the Gross Operating Profit.
Casino. The casino to be located at the site of the former Rivergate Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana that is operated pursuant to the Casino Operating Contract.
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Casino. Resource Corporation agrees to provide Consultant with regular briefings and updates on its operations in the territory
Casino. Casino" shall mean the development and construction of the Casino consisting of a minimum of one hundred thousand (100,000) square feet of net gaming space, approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) square feet of multi-function, special event, food service and meeting room space on the first floor of the Casino, a two hundred fifty (250) seat buffet on the first floor of the Casino, the Poydras tunnel area, and parking facilities and the Second Floor Shell Construction.
Casino. The term "Casino" means the casino improvements and fixtures ------ (temporary and/or permanent), including Casino Gaming Activities, to be - constructed at the Facility, consistent with the concepts set forth in the - Development Plan and in accordance with the Plans and Specifications.
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