Condominium Documents definition

Condominium Documents means the master deed, recorded pursuant to this act, and any other instrument referred to in the master deed or bylaws which affects the rights and obligations of a co-owner in the condominium.
Condominium Documents means the declaration, bylaws, articles of incorporation, if any, and rules, if any.
Condominium Documents means, with respect to each Condominium Property, collectively, the Condominium Declaration, the by-laws of the Condominium, the floor plans attached to the Condominium Declaration, and any other similar written agreements among or otherwise binding upon any unit owners of the Condominium in their capacity as such and that govern or otherwise relate to the establishment, continuance, maintenance or operation of the Condominium, as the same may be amended, restated, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.

Examples of Condominium Documents in a sentence

  • Tenant agrees to comply strictly with said Condominium Documents and with all amendments and additions to such Condominium Documents as are allowed by law.

  • Tenant acknowledges that the Board of Directors of Fox Glen Association shall have the power to bring an action, including by summary proceedings, to evict the Tenant and/or to bring an action for money damages in the same action against the Owner and Tenant in the event of any default by the Tenant in compliance with the Condominium Documents.

  • What are my voting rights in the Condominium?A: There is one vote for each Condominium Unit in the Condominium.Q: What restrictions exist in the Condominium Documents on my rights to use my Unit?A: Article 13 of the Declaration entitled “Use Restrictions” sets forth various restrictions on your right to use your Unit.

  • For additional restrictions regarding the right to use your Unit, review the Declaration and the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Association in their entirety.Q: What restrictions exist in the Condominium Documents on the leasing of the Unit?A: Written notice via an official application and $100 application fee to be received at least 15 days in advance by the association’s management company is required for all Unit leases.

  • In the event of a conflict between the Tenant’s lease and the Condominium Documents, the Condominium Documents shall govern.

More Definitions of Condominium Documents

Condominium Documents means and includes this Declaration and all recorded exhibits hereto, as amended from time to time.
Condominium Documents means the Creating Documents, the by-laws and rules of the Condominium and the Disclosure Statement (inclusive of the budget statement), as may be amended from time to time;
Condominium Documents means the Declaration of Condominium, the survey and plot plan, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Association, and the Association rules and regulations, as amended from time to time.
Condominium Documents means, collectively, the Declaration (Master), Declaration (Hotel-Residential), the condominium by‑laws, any rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, and any and all other documents and agreements binding upon, governing or otherwise pertaining to each Condominium and/or the applicable Condominium Association.
Condominium Documents means the Declaration, the By-Laws and any other agreements or documents relating to the establishment, ownership, membership, management, use or operation of the Condominium.