Automated Clearing House Sample Clauses

Automated Clearing House. ACH") Credit Entries/Provisional Payments. When a Fund, CSSI or CDI initiates or receives ACH credit and debit entries pursuant to the Transfer Agent's Operating Guidelines for Funds Transfer and the rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association and the New England Clearing House Association, State Street or another bank, including but not limited to United Missouri Bank and M&T Bank, will act as an Originating Depository Financial Institution and/or Receiving Depository Financial Institution, as the case may be, with respect to such entries. Credits given by the Transfer Agent with respect to an ACH credit entry are provisional until the Transfer Agent receives final settlement for such entry from the Federal Reserve Bank. If the Transfer Agent does not receive such final settlement, each Fund, CSSI and CDI agrees that the Transfer Agent shall receive a refund of the amount credited to the Fund, CSSI or CDI respectively in connection with such entry, and the party making payment to the Fund, CSSI or CDI via such entry shall not be deemed to have paid the amount of the entry.
Automated Clearing House. BB&T Securities may accept on Your behalf automated clearing house (“ACH”) payments to Your BB&T Securities Account which have been transmitted through one or more automated clearing houses. Your rights and obligations regarding such payments shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, federal law and as provided by the operating rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (“NACHA”). Under the NACHA operating rules, BB&T Securities is not required to give You next day notice of receipt of an ACH item, and BB&T Securities will not do so. You will, however, continue to receive notice of payments in the periodic statements provided to You. Credit given by BB&T Securities to You with respect to an ACH entry is provisional until BB&T Securities receives final settlement for such entry. If BB&T Securities does not receive such final settlement, You agree that BB&T Securities is entitled to an immediate refund of any amount credited to You in connection with any such entry. Please Note the Following:  A voided check is required for all ACH setups.  All clients on the brokerage account must sign the ACH form. All parties on the bank account must sign this form if setting up withdrawals from the bank account to the brokerage account.  Any ACH setup to a bank account where the brokerage account holder is not an interested party requires a Letter of Authorization signed by the brokerage account holder indicating the reason for the ACH setup.  XXX accounts: An XXX Withdrawal form is required for any deposits to the bank account from the brokerage account. All periodic withdrawals from the bank account to the brokerage account will be coded as current year contributions.
Automated Clearing House. York City will make payments to the recipient of the funding through the Automated Clearing House (“ACH”). Within 10 days of the contract execution date, the recipient of the funding must submit or must have already submitted its ACH and electronic addenda information, if desired, to the Commonwealth’s Payable Service Center, Vendor Data Management Unit at 000- 000-0000 (FAX) or by mail to the Office of Comptroller Operations, Bureau of Payable Service Center, Payable Service Center, Vendor Data Management Unit, 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx – 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000. A copy of the ACH enrollment form can be obtained online at xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/xxxx/xxxxx/Xxxxx/
Automated Clearing House. (ACH) CREDIT Choosing the ACH Credit option requires you and/or your bank to have the capability of initiating ACH Credits in the CCD+TXP format.
Automated Clearing House. “ACH”). If you are approved for ACH Origination, you agree to comply with the Operating Rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association (“NACHA”), and the rules of the Federal Reserve Bank (“Federal Reserve”), collectively the “Rules”, as amended from time to time. The terms of this Agreement shall in no way limit your obligation of complying with the Rules. The Rules may also be purchased online at under the publications tab. You acknowledge receipt and have signed the Online and Mobile Business Banking ACH Origination Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the agreement. You also agree that all ACH transactions will be subject to said agreement. A Business with more than one Administrator or User will require an administrator or user to approve an ACH initiated by another administrator or user unless the Business Opt-out of Dual Control. Refer to Section 3.E.
Automated Clearing House. The applicable Eligible Agency or Co-Op Buyer may pay invoices for some or all Orders through an Automated Clearing House (ACH). In order to receive payments in this manner from Eligible Agencies, Contractor must complete an ACH Vendor Authorization Form (form GAO-618) within 30 (thirty) days after the effective date of the Contract. The form is available online at: xxxxx://
Automated Clearing House. The Purchaser, at its expense, will timely notify all Automated Clearing House ("ACH") originators of the transfers and assumptions to be made pursuant to the Agreement as of the Closing Date, and the Seller will cooperate with the Purchaser and provide, at Seller's expense, all tapes and data reasonably requested by Purchaser for such purpose. For a period of 60 days beginning on the Effective Time, Seller will honor all ACH items related to accounts assumed under this Agreement which are mistakenly routed or presented to Seller. Seller will make no charge to Purchaser for honoring such items, and will electronically transmit such ACH data to Purchaser. If Purchaser cannot receive an electronic transmission, Seller will make available to Purchaser at Seller's operations center receiving items from the ACH tapes containing such ACH data. Items mistakenly routed or presented after the 60-day period will be returned to the presenting party.
Automated Clearing House. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, Tenant shall make all payments of Rent under this Lease via Automated Clearing House ("ACH"). Concurrently with its execution of this Lease, Landlord shall complete and submit to Tenant the forms attached to this Lease as Exhibit C, and Landlord shall complete, update and supplement such forms as may be reasonably required by Tenant within thirty (30) days of Tenant's written request.
Automated Clearing House. Borrowers acknowledge that Bank shall require Borrowers to maintain an Automated Clearing House (“ACH”), auto pay account established with Bank that will be pre-authorized by Borrowers to permit Bank to debit Borrowers’ account for the payment of all amounts that become due on the Loans.
Automated Clearing House. Subject to the rules of NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association). Refers to transactions that are made directly to a Customer’s bank account.