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Your Bank means the Co-Operative financial institution that you bank with, whose financial services you can access through the App. HTPL Privacy Policy The purpose of this Mobile App is to provide you a mechanism which will enable you to access the financial services offered by your Bank. To help us determine whether you have accepted this Agreement, we use "cookies." Cookies are small files that our web server places on your mobile device that allow us to identify your acceptance of this Agreement. HTPL does not gather any information from you, store any information related to you or provide any information about you to non-affiliated third parties. Please review your Bank’s Privacy Policy with regard to its collection and use of information. If any dispute arises in respect of this agreement, the matter will be referred to a court of law at Nepal.
Your Bank means the Co-Operative financial institution that you bank with, whose financial services you can access through the App.

Examples of Your Bank in a sentence

  • Further, Your Bank Account into which debits and credits are made is being used for lawful business purposes only.

  • You must maintain enough funds in Your Bank Account following termination to cover any Merchant Service Charges, Chargebacks, all other Fees and Adjustments, and other amounts due under the Agreement until such time as Complete Performance has occurred.

  • Unless we agree otherwise, you shall maintain with your bank an instruction authorising us to directly debit from Your Bank Account all sums that become due and payable by you to us under or in connection with this Agreement at the time we specify (“ Direct Debit Mandate”) and we may debit Your Bank Account in accordance with the Direct Debit Mandate.

  • In an Insolvency Event, you must maintain Your Bank Account as required by Elavon and we shall have the right, subject to the Laws, to offset against amounts held in Your Bank Account, any and all Obligations you may have to Elavon whether or not relating to Transactions initiated or created before or after the commencement of the Insolvency Event.

  • Also, Elavon may utilise any funds retained in accordance with section 14(a) in order to exercise its rights under the Agreement, including (i) withdrawing any amounts that it might otherwise withdraw from Your Bank Account or (ii) exercising its rights of set-off to collect any Merchant Service Charges, Chargebacks, all other Fees and Adjustments, or other amounts due to Elavon under the Agreement.

  • If the value of Refunds is more than the value of Sales Transactions, the difference will be due from you to Elavon and we will debit the difference from Your Bank Account.

  • All payments into Your Bank Account pursuant to section 4(d) are subject to (i) audit and adjustment by Elavon for inaccuracies or errors, (ii) Chargebacks, (iii) all other Fees and Adjustments; and(iv) any conditional credit Elavon may elect to grant for individual or groups of Transactions.

  • Elavon will have no liability to you whatsoever for any loss caused by any delay in payments into Your Bank Account pursuant to section 4(d), due to and/or during any change set out in section 4(b)(i).

  • Subject to section 4(b)(i)(bb), you must always obtain our prior written consent to modify, limit or revoke any Direct Debit Mandate relating to Your Bank Account regardless of where it is held.

  • All payments to you will be remitted to Your Bank Account through a banking network or by other means specified by us.

Related to Your Bank

  • You, Your, Yourself means the Insured Person shown in the Schedule.

  • You and Your means the person(s) named on the Schedule as the insured.

  • Employer / Bank means State Bank of India having its Head Office at Ground Floor, Raheja Chambers, Free Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai and State Bank of India, Corporate Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai, respectively.

  • The Bank means the Bank of India;

  • Member bank means a national bank, state bank, or trust company which is a member of the United States federal reserve system.

  • Homeless youth means persons found within the

  • Heritage means Heritage Bancorp Ltd.

  • You/Your means the person who owns or leases the Covered Equipment and any person to whom the Policy is transferred pursuant to clause 11.

  • State bank means any bank incorporated pursuant to the provisions of this chapter after January 1, 1970, and any “state bank” incorporated pursuant to the laws of this state and doing business as such on January 1, 1970, or a bank organized as a limited liability company or a mutual corporation under this chapter.

  • Trade association means an entity recognized by the State in which the entity is doing business as a trade association and shall not include an organization that is formed for the purposes of providing insurance. “Transaction cutoff date” for weekly data reporting is 8 p.m. Central time on Friday of each week and for monthly data reporting is 8 p.m. Central time on Friday after the first Sunday of the month.

  • Our The company obligated under this Agreement is 4warranty Corporation, 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx., Xxxx. 000, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx 00000 (800) 867-2216), in all states except in Florida and Oklahoma where it is XXXXXX SOUTHERN INSURANCE COMPANY, 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx., Xxxx. 000, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (800) 888-2738, Florida License No. 03698 and Oklahoma License No. 864264, and in Wisconsin where it is The Service Doc Inc., 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx., Xxxx. 000, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (800) 888-2738.

  • You/Your means the person(s) (natural or corporate) investing money in the Bond in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and includes their successors.

  • Hispanic American means a person having origins in any of the Spanish-speaking peoples of Mexico, South or Central America, or the Caribbean Islands or other Spanish or Portuguese cultures and who is regarded as such by the community of which this person claims to be a part.

  • Mobile Banking means the banking services accessible from the Device you have registered with us for Mobile Banking.

  • Your Data means all electronic data or information submitted by You to the Purchased Services.

  • Home Health Care means the continual care and treatment of an individual if:

  • Bancorp means Eagle Bancorp, Inc., a Maryland corporation.

  • SBI / Bank means State Bank of India (client) a body Corporate created under SBI Act 1955, having one of its Circle Office at State Bank of India, III/1 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bhubaneswar- 01 and includes the client’s representatives, successors and assigns.

  • Community association means an association in which membership is a condition of ownership or shareholder interest of a unit in a condominium, cooperative, townhouse, villa, or other residential unit that is part of a residential development plan as a master association or common interest community and that is authorized to impose an assessment and other costs that may become a lien on the unit or lot.

  • my means each Borrower who signs this note and each other person or legal entity (including guarantors, endorsers, and sureties) who agrees to pay this note (together referred to as "us"). "You" or "your" means the Lender and its successors and assigns.

  • the Association means the Association referred to in rule 1;

  • yours “Account Holder” and “customer” means the person in whose name an Account is maintained and includes, where the context requires, a Joint Account Holder; and unless the context otherwise requires, the following words when used have the following meanings respectively set out below:

  • You or “Your” shall mean the Bidder responding to this Invitation For Bid or the Seller whose Bid the City selected and awarded a contract.

  • your means the company or other legal entity for which you are accepting this Agreement, and Affiliates of that company or entity.

  • Relationship Manager means the individual who is appointed by us from time to time and notified to you in writing as your relationship manager in relation to the relevant services provided to you under these Terms and/or provided by our Associate;

  • You or Your means the person(s) who has signed or authorised by other means the Direct Debit Request.