Take the Lead definition

Take the Lead means, with respect to a particular Party, that such Party is primarily responsible for, and has the authority to make, all day-to-day decisions (in accordance with the approved Development Plan and Sales and Marketing Plan) as they relate to such Party’s responsibilities, rights and/or obligations hereunder; provided, however, the Parties shall
Take the Lead means, with respect to a particular Party, that such Party is primarily responsible for, and has the authority to make, all day-to-day operational decisions, in accordance with the Development Plan and Commercialization Plan; provided that the Parties shall consult with each other with respect to any matters as requested by either Party. For the avoidance of doubt, if a decision made or to be made by the Party responsible for Taking the Lead is challenged by the other Party, the Parties will discuss the issue in good faith and any dispute will be referred to the appropriate Committee for resolution in accordance with Section 2.6. [*] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
Take the Lead means, with the respect to a particular Party and a particular activity, that such Party is primarily responsible for, and has the authority to make, all day-to-day operational decisions, in accordance with the Development Plan and Commercialization Plan and the terms of this Agreement; provided that [***]; and provided further that [***]. For clarity, [***].

Examples of Take the Lead in a sentence

Prestowitz, Trading Places: How We Allowed Japan to Take the Lead, New York: Basic Books, 1988.

Unless otherwise determined by the JMC or set forth in the Manufacturing Plan, with respect to all clinical supply necessary to support receipt of Marketing Approval of the Product in the Territory, Takeda shall Take the Lead for the Manufacturing of Drug Product and Packaging of Drug Product into Finished Product.

Except as provided in Section 4.2, Article 5 and Article 7, or as otherwise agreed by the JDC, Ovid shall be responsible to Take the Lead in all activities related to the Development of the Products in the Field.

During the Term, Takeda shall have the initial right and obligation to Take the Lead with respect to Manufacturing of API for use in the creation of Drug Product for the Development and Commercialization of the Product in the Territory under the oversight of the JMC and, with respect to Commercialization in the Ovid Territory, pursuant to the Commercial Supply Agreement.

If, during the Term, Takeda elects to transition Manufacturing of API to a Third Party contract manufacturer, then Takeda shall notify Ovid of such intent through the JMC and, should Ovid request to Take the Lead with respect thereto, Takeda shall consider in good faith allowing Ovid to Take the Lead with respect to Manufacturing of such API for the purposes of Development and Commercialization in the Ovid Territory.

In addition, following an election by Takeda to Take the Lead on any activities hereunder pursuant to Section 15.6(c), [*].

Prestowitz, Jr., Trading Places: How America Allowed Japan to Take the Lead (Tokyo: Charles E.

Prestowitz, Trading Places: How We Allowed Japan to Take the Lead (New York: Basic Books, 1988).

Gillespie, Legal Affairs: States Take the Lead in Privacy, CREDIT CARD MGMT., March 1999.

National Preparedness MonthAs part of its Take the Lead campaign, HHS encouraged its national partners and pilot sites to engage in simple activities to promote the issue of pandemicpreparedness during National Preparedness Month, September, sponsored by theU.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Program coordinator means the person assigned from the snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, and boating programs to coordinate instructor certification and development activities, develop curriculum standards for the programs, conduct outreach for the programs, train volunteer instructors and evaluate their skills, and serve as the primary contact for information about the programs.
Services Coordinator means an employee of the Department, CDDP, or other agency that contracts with the county or Department, who provides case management services. A services coordinator acts as the proponent for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and is the person-centered plan coordinator for the individual as defined in the Community First Choice state plan.
Project Coordinator means the employee of Alamo Colleges District designated in Exhibit A hereto who will manage the relationship between Alamo Colleges District and Contractor. The designated employee will be knowledgeable of the Project and be experienced in managing projects similar to the one established herein.
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Commercially Useful Function means being responsible for the management and performance of a distinct element of the total work.
Deploy means to use, sublicense or distribute Covered Code other than for Your internal research and development (R&D), and includes without limitation, any and all internal use or distribution of Covered Code within Your business or organization except for R&D use, as well as direct or indirect sublicensing or distribution of Covered Code by You to any third party in any form or manner.
SBE Program Coordinator means the individual appointed, from time to time, by the City’s Community and Economic Development Director to administer the SBE Regulations.
Commercial feed means all materials or a combination of materials which are distributed or intended for distribution for use as feed or for mixing in feed, unless such materials are specifically exempted. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, unmixed whole seeds and physically altered entire unmixed seeds, when such whole or physically altered seeds are not chemically changed or are not adulterated within the meaning of section 198.7, subsection 1, are exempt. The secretary by rule may exempt from this definition, or from specific provisions of this chapter, commodities such as hay, straw, stover, silage, cobs, husks, hulls and individual chemical compounds or substances when such commodities, compounds or substances are not intermixed or mixed with other materials, and are not adulterated within the meaning of section 198.7, subsection 1.
Distributor representative means a person employed by a distributor or wholesaler, or by a distributor branch, for the purpose of making or promoting the sale of watercraft dealt in by it or for supervising or contacting its dealers, prospective dealers, or representatives in this Commonwealth.
Contractor Commercially Sensitive Information means the information listed in the Contractor Commercial Sensitive Information Annex to the Contract being information notified by the Contractor to the Authority which is acknowledged by the Authority as being commercially sensitive information.
Develop or "development" means to plan, design, develop, finance, lease, acquire, install, construct, or expand.
Contractor Representative means that Person or Persons designated by Contractor in a written notice to Owner specifying any and all limitations of such Person’s authority, and acceptable to Owner, who shall have complete authority to act on behalf of Contractor on all matters pertaining to this Agreement or the Work including giving instructions and making changes in the Work. The Contractor Representative as of the Contract Date is designated in Section 2.2B.
Supplier Representative means the representative appointed by the Supplier from time to time in relation to this Framework Agreement;
Coordinator means the administrative head of the office of renewable fuels and coproducts appointed by the secretary of agriculture as provided in Iowa Code section 159A.3.
Customer Representative means the representative appointed by the Customer from time to time in relation to this Call Off Contract;
Title IX Coordinator means the Title IX Coordinator and/or his or her designee or designees.
Secondary school means a high and/or middle school: A school for students who have completed their primary education, usually attended by children in grades seven to twelve and recognized by the Washington state superintendent of public instruction.
Out-of-Pocket Maximum, Family means the total amount of Out-of-Pocket Expenses which one family will be required to pay in any one Contract Year.
Contractor’s Representative means a person in supervisory capacity who shall be so declared by the contractor and who shall be authorized to receive instructions issued by the RDSO to the contractor for the works. He shall be responsible for proper execution of the works at each or all places and shall take orders from Engineer(s) and carry out the same.
Third Party Agent means a third party delivering information technology services to You pursuant to a written contract with You.
Scheduling Coordinator or “SC” means an entity certified by the CAISO as qualifying as a Scheduling Coordinator pursuant to the CAISO Tariff, for the purposes of undertaking the functions specified in “Responsibilities of a Scheduling Coordinator” of the CAISO Tariff, as amended from time to time.
Diligent Efforts means, with respect to a Party’s obligation under this Agreement, the level of efforts and resources reasonably required to diligently develop, manufacture, and/or Commercialize (as applicable) each Oragenics Product in a sustained manner, consistent with the efforts and resources a similarly situated company working in the Field would typically devote to a product of similar market potential, profit potential, strategic value and/or proprietary protection, based on market conditions then prevailing. With respect to a particular task or obligation, Diligent Efforts requires that the applicable Party promptly assign responsibility for such task and consistently make and implement decisions and allocate resources designed to advance progress with respect to such task or obligation.
Lenders’ Representative means the person referred to as the Lenders’ Representative in the foregoing Recitals;
Cannibalize means to remove parts from Government property for use or for installation on other Government property.
Third Party Vendor means any person or entity that provides SaaS, third party software and/or related intellectual property. “Work” means any additional work the Customer requests Singtel to perform in relation to the Service.
the Licensee means the person(s) named in the Licence