Additional Inspections Sample Clauses

Additional Inspections. If the Owner’s inspection team determines that the Work is not Substantially Complete at the Substantial Completion Inspection, the ODR or A/E will give the Contractor written notice listing cause(s) of the rejection. The ODR will set a time for completion of incomplete or defective work. The Contractor must complete or correct all work so designated prior to requesting a second Substantial Completion Inspection.
Additional Inspections. With a Supplemental Contract, the LPA may request the CONSULTANT perform additional inspections as necessary to assist in the evaluation of damage inspections, flood inspections per Scour Assessment & Plan of Actions, reduced frequency inspections and other inspections required. ATTACHMENT A-1 Compliance Month for Enter Name of LPA County is Excel Spreadsheet obtained from BIAS showing BRIDGE NUMBER NBI NUMBER (006A) FEATURE INTERSECTED (007) FACILITY CARRIED ROUTINE FREQ. FRACTURE CRITICAL FREQ. UNDERWATER FREQ. SPECIAL FREQ. ATTACHMENT A-2 Summarize below the number of bridges per frequency of inspections for each type of inspection. Inspection Type/Months 24 12 6 Other* Routine Number of Bridges Bridge Numbers Fracture Critical Number of Bridges Bridge Numbers Underwater Number of Bridges Bridge Numbers Complex Number of Bridges Bridge Numbers Element Number of Bridges Bridge Numbers Special** Number of Bridges Bridge Numbers Other* - Provide frequency and justification Special** – Define type of Special Inspection required with justification APPENDIX B
Additional Inspections. If an inspector so recommends, Buyer may obtain further evaluation of any item 33 by a specialist at Buyer’s option and expense if, on or before the end of the Initial Inspection Period, 34 Buyer provides Seller a copy of the inspector’s recommendation and notice that Buyer will seek additional 35 inspections. If Buyer gives timely notice of additional inspections, Buyer shall have (5 days if 36 not filled in) after giving the notice to obtain the additional inspection(s) by a specialist. 37
Additional Inspections. Interim inspections are important to ensure that tenants take good care of properties and to give feedback on maintenance issues. Interim digital inspections and reports are an additional service and will be charged from the LESSOR at R (+ VAT) per inspection, deductable from monthly rental collected. The digital inspection and report may be obtained from our offices. Please indicate with X if you require additional interim inspections; 3 monthly 6 monthly
Additional Inspections. This Contract is subject to the following inspection(s) being completed by the Purchaser within a period of business days from the date of full execution of this Contract by all parties. Failure to complete the inspection(s) within the specified time period shall forfeit the Purchaser’s right to conduct inspection(s).
Additional Inspections. Buyer, at Buyer’s expense, has the right to have the Property inspected for _____________________________________________________ __________________ _____ . Such inspection(s) shall be completed and in the event unsatisfactory conditions are found, a copy of the entire inspection report shall be submitted to Seller, together with a written statement indicating what conditions in the report are considered unsatisfactory and what corrective action is required, within ( ) days from the Date of Contract Acceptance. Note: Termite and other wood destroying insect infestation inspection terms are governed by the “Wood Destroying Insect Inspection” paragraph of the Contract.
Additional Inspections. As part of Purchaser’s rights under Section 5.4(m) of the Purchase Agreement, Purchaser at its sole cost shall have the right to obtain a compliance report ("Compliance Report") from a consultant regarding those portions of the Property which have not been assessed in the compliance reports obtained by Purchaser prior to the date of this Amendment (said portions of the Property to include, without limitation, the so-called "Phase II" portion of the Property).
Additional Inspections. If an inspector recommends further evaluation of any item by a specialist, Buyer shall 27 have an additional days (5 days if not filled in) to obtain the additional inspection by a specialist at Buyer's 28 option and expense. On or before the end of the Initial Inspection Period, Buyer shall provide a copy of the 29 inspector's recommendation and notice that Buyer will seek additional inspections by specialists as recommended 30 by the inspector. If Buyer gives timely notice of additional inspections, the Initial Inspection Period shall be 31 extended by the additional period specified above. The time for conducting additional inspections shall commence 32 on the day after Buyer gives notice under this paragraph, and shall be determined as set forth in the Computation 33 of Time paragraph of the Agreement. 34
Additional Inspections. (The below fees may not apply if you are an agent that has a bespoke fee structure in place)
Additional Inspections. Should JIA desire any inspections other than those set forth above in this paragraph, JIA may request County to perform same. Though not obligated hereunder, if County agrees to perform any such additional inspections, same shall be performed at the same rate of payment and subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.