Company Properties definition

Company Properties shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.11(a).
Company Properties means all Properties, and equity, partnership or other ownership interests therein, that are related or incidental to, or used or useful in connection with, the conduct or operation of any business activities of the Company or the Subsidiaries, which business activities are not prohibited by the terms of this Indenture.
Company Properties has the meaning set forth in Section 4.19(a).

Examples of Company Properties in a sentence

Except (i) as set forth in the existing title reports identified in clause (v) below, (ii) for the Company Leases, and (iii) for any easements granted in the ordinary course of business since the date of such title reports, none of which has a Company Material Adverse Effect, no other Person has any real property ownership interest in any of the Company Properties.

Except as set forth in Section 3.7(a) to the Company Disclosure Schedule, none of the Company Properties is subject to any restriction on the sale or other disposition thereof, including, but not limited, to grants of rights of first refusal or options to tenants of the Company Properties, or on the financing or release of financing thereon.

The Company shall be dissolved upon the disposition of all Company Properties (which may be determined solely by action of the Manager).

Media Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to comply with the Editorial Adjacency Guidelines with respect to Ads that appear on Media Company Properties, although Media Company will at all times retain editorial control over the Media Company Properties.

The Company, operating through wholly-owned special purpose entities (“SPE”) as real estate owner-operators, intends to create, operate and hold a portfolio of Company Properties on a long-term basis, approximating seven years, and ultimately dispose of them to generate revenue for the Company.

More Definitions of Company Properties

Company Properties means each real property owned, or leased (including ground leased) as lessee or sublessee, by Company or any Company Subsidiary as of the date of this Agreement (including all buildings, structures and other improvements and fixtures located on or under such real property and all easements, rights and other appurtenances to such real property).
Company Properties means, collectively, the Owned Real Property and the Leased Real Property.
Company Properties has the meaning set forth in Section 5.02(l).
Company Properties means (i) the real estate owned or leased by the Company or the Bank and/or used as a banking related facility or identified in the Company's Form 10-K filing for the year ended December 31, 2004 or acquired since December 31, 2004; (ii) other real estate owned, if any ("Company REO"), by the Company or any Company Subsidiary as defined by any other Federal or state financial institution regulatory agency with regulatory authority for the Company or any Company Subsidiary; (iii) real estate that is in the process of pending foreclosure or forfeiture proceedings conducted by the Company or any Company Subsidiary; (iv) real estate that is held in trust for others by the Bank; and (v) real estate owned or leased by a partnership or joint venture in which the Company or a Company Subsidiary has an ownership interest, including any Tax Subsidiary.
Company Properties means all parcels of real property owned by the Company or any Company Subsidiary.
Company Properties means the Company Owned Properties and the Company Leased Properties, and “Company Property” means any one of them;
Company Properties has the meaning specified in Section 4.18(a).