Definition of Telecommunications Carrier

Telecommunications Carrier means any provider of Telecommunications Services, except that such term does not include aggregators of Telecommunications Services (as defined in Section 226 of the Act). A Telecommunications Carrier shall be treated as a Common Carrier under the Act only to the extent that it is engaged in providing Telecommunications Services, except that the FCC shall determine whether the provision of fixed and mobile satellite service shall be treated as common carriage.

Examples of Telecommunications Carrier in a sentence

If either Party enters into an agreement (the "Other Agreement") approved by the Commission or FCC pursuant to Section 252 of the Act (regardless of whether the approved agreement was negotiated or arbitrated) which provides for the provision of arrangements covered in this Agreement to another requesting Telecommunications Carrier, including an Affiliate, such Party shall make available to the other Party such arrangements upon the same rates, terms and conditions as those provided in the Other Agreement.
In addition, the trunks shall be used to allow DTI's end users to connect to, or be connected to, the 800 Services of any Telecommunications Carrier connected to the SWBT Access Tandem.
Type: The applicant states that they are a CATV, a Telecommunications Carrier or a firm other than the aforementioned two.
Verizon agrees to respond to AT&T Broadband trouble reports on a non-discriminatory basis consistent with the manner in which it provides service to its own retail customers or to any other similarly initiated Telecommunications Carrier.
Such OSS functions shall be equal in quality and provisioned with the same timeliness as provided by BellSouth to itself or to any Subsidiary, Affiliate or any other Telecommunications Carrier to which BellSouth provides the OSS functions.