Definition of Technology Systems

Technology Systems means the electronic data processing, information, record keeping, communications, telecommunications, hardware, third-party software, networks, peripherals, portfolio trading and computer systems, including any outsourced systems and processes, and Intellectual Property used by the Company.

Examples of Technology Systems in a sentence

Access to business critical parts of the Technology Systems is not shared with any third party.
The IT-RA shall be consistent, in form and content, with NIST SP 800-30, Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems, and any additions or augmentations described in the HHS-OCIO Information Systems Security and Privacy Policy.
It and its Subsidiaries own, or are licensed or otherwise possess sufficient legally enforceable rights to use, all Intellectual Property and the Technology Systems (as such terms are defined herein) that are used by it and its Subsidiaries in their respective businesses as currently conducted.
Except for ongoing payments due under relevant third party agreements, the Technology Systems are free from any Liens.
The initial addresses of the parties shall be as follows: If to Bristol: With a copy to: Bristol Technology Systems, Inc. Nick E. Yocca, Esq.