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Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.
Biotechnology means the application of biotechnolo- gies, including recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid techniques, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, genetics, genetic engineering, biological cell fusion, and other bioprocesses, that use living organisms or parts of an organism to produce or modify products to improve plants or animals or improve animal health, develop microorganisms for specific uses, identify targets for small molecule pharmaceutical development, or transform bio- logical systems into useful processes and products.
Biotechnology means any technique that uses living

Examples of Biotechnology in a sentence

The Committee on the Impact of Biotechnology on Farm-Level Economics and Sustainability.

Leung, “Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database,” National Center for Biotechnology Information (2004-2013).

Biotechnology = integrated usage of biochemical, microbiological and technical methods of using microorganisms and spores of tissues for production purposes.

International Journal of Biology and Biotechnology, 7 (3), 197, 2010.

Biotechnology: potential; limitations. Explanation of the term “Biotechnology’. Use/potential of Biotechnology in the field of medicine, industry, manufacturing and agriculture. Any five limitations of biotechnology application.

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Biotechnology means the continually expanding body of fundamental knowledge about the functioning of biological systems from the macro level to the molecular and subatomic levels, as well as novel products, services, technologies, and subtechnologies developed as a result of insights gained from research advances that add to that body of fundamental knowledge.
Biotechnology means the use of living organisms and/or biological processes often combined with chemical processes to develop products used in a variety of fields such as medicine, agriculture, and food production. Biotechnology industry includes, but is not limited to, medicinal drug manufacturing, peptide synthesis and DNA synthesis.
Biotechnology means the application of science and engineering in the direct or indirect use of living organisms or parts or products of living organisms in their natural or modified forms.
Biotechnology means the continually expanding body of fundamental knowledge about the
Biotechnology means a technology based on the science of
Biotechnology means the continually expanding body of