Alarm business definition

Alarm business means and includes any business, both resident and non-resident,

Examples of Alarm business in a sentence

  • All alarm businesses engaged in business shall file a copy of such valid state certificate attached to the alarm company registration form with the alarm administrator.(c) Alarm business registration with the police department.

  • Alarm business owners, including designated officers of a corporation or designated members of a limited liability company actively involved in the business, alarm qualified managers, and alarm agents must undergo a criminal history background review as a condition for BSIS licensure.6Current law7 allows an employee of a licensed alarm company to work with a temporary registration while the Bureau processes his or her alarm agent application.

  • Alarm business licenses may be renewed annually during the months of April and May upon updating the application information and providing payment of the renewal fee.

  • Alarm business registration may be reinstated upon receipt and approval by the Department of a plan to correct the conditions that led to the revocation and payment of all fees and penalties due from the alarm business.

  • Definitions.2324 As used in this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 2526 Alarm business shall mean any Person (i) who installs Alarm systems, other than27 a Principal, or (ii) who, pursuant to an agreement with a Principal, communicates the28 presence of an emergency by an Alarm system sound or signal to the city public safety29 department communications center ("PSDCC").

More Definitions of Alarm business

Alarm business means an entity that is licensed by the South Carolina Contractor’s Licensing Board to engage in the burglar or fire alarm system business, or both.
Alarm business means and include any business engaged in any of the activities of selling, installing, servicing, altering, leasing, repairing, maintaining, replacing, moving, monitoring or responding to an alarm system or causing any of these activities to take place.
Alarm business means any individual, partnership, corporation, or other entity whose business objective, in whole or in part, as direct provider of parts and services or agent for the direct provider of parts and services, is the selling, leasing, maintaining, servicing, repairing, altering, replacing, moving or installing of any alarm system (as defined below).
Alarm business means a firm, company, partnership or corporation engaged in the sale, installation, maintenance, alteration or servicing of alarm systems. "Alarm business" shall not include a business which only manufactures alarm systems or only sells alarm systems to retail outlets, unless the firm, company, partnership, or corporation also services, installs, and monitors alarm systems. This definition shall not include persons who sell alarm systems strictly in an over-the-counter capacity in an established location.