the Business definition

the Business means the usual work and activities carried on by the Insured pertaining to his business as specified in the Schedule and no others.
the Business means the business of the FSP and those activities associated with the financial services industry.
the Business means the business conducted by the Company in the past and on the date of execution of this Agreement, including business activities under investigation or in developmental stages, all other business activities which flow therefrom by a reasonable expansion of the present activities of the Company, all business activities which may be developed by the Company during the Term, and all business activities now conducted by the Company or any Affiliate thereof or which may be developed by the Company or such Affiliates, during the term of this Agreement, as reasonable expansions of their present activities.

Examples of the Business in a sentence

  • This Special Provision will also be used by the Department to satisfy the requirements of the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act, 30 ILCS 575.

  • If, for the purposes of obtaining judgment in any court, it is necessary to convert a sum due hereunder or any other Loan Document in one currency into another currency, the rate of exchange used shall be that at which in accordance with normal banking procedures the Administrative Agent could purchase the first currency with such other currency on the Business Day preceding that on which final judgment is given.

  • The record date must not precede the date on which the meeting is to be held by more than two months or, in the case of a general meeting requisitioned by shareholders under the Business Corporations Act, by more than four months.

  • Names of the students are on file in the Business Services office.

  • In no case shall the Business Software Alliance (BSA), Software Publishers Association (SPA), Software and Industry Information Association (SIIA) or Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) be used directly or indirectly to conduct audits, or be recommended by Contractor; (iv) Contractor and Licensee are each entitled to designate a representative who shall be entitled to participate, and who shall mutually agree on audit format, and simultaneously review all information obtained by the audit.

More Definitions of the Business

the Business means the business of the Group or any Group Company at the date of termination of the Executive’s employment with which the Executive has been concerned to a material extent at any time in the Relevant Period; references to the “Group” and “Group Companies” shall only be reference to the Group and Group Companies in respect of which the Executive has carried out material duties in the Relevant Period;
the Business means the business of the Company or any part thereof and any other business or part thereof carried on by any Group Company as at the Termination Date and/or during the Protected Period and in respect of which the Duties have been materially concerned or about which you have acquired Confidential Information.
the Business means (taken together) the business of IHG and the business of any other Group Company with which the Executive is required by the Board under clause 2 to be concerned.
the Business means the business of a petrol service station, Shop and all ancillary businesses conducted by the seller at the premises which business comprises:
the Business means the general business operations carried on by the KGFT;
the Business means the Vendor's business associated with the sale of the Vendor's friction measurement product line as carried on by the Vendor prior to the date hereof;
the Business the business of the Company or any part thereof and any other business or part thereof carried on by any company in the Group as at the Termination Date and/or during the Protected Period and to which the Executive has rendered services or about which he has acquired Confidential Information or by which he has been engaged at any time during the Protected Period;