Definition of Technical service

Technical service means engineering assistance and interpretative application or clarification of compliance and enforcement of A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 16, Articles 1, 2, and 4 and this Chapter.
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Examples of Technical service in a sentence

Technical service responsible for carrying out the tests :.....................................
Technical service provider means an individual, private-sector entity, or public agency certified by NRCS to provide technical services to program participants in lieu of or on behalf of NRCS.
Technical service contract means a document that specifies the rights and obligations of an eligible participant to obtain technical services from a TSP where the eligible participant will not receive financial assistance for the implementation of the practice paid for in the technical service contract through participation in a Title XII conservation program or the Agricultural Management Assistance Program,U.S.C. 1524.
Technical service provider means an individual, entity, Indian tribe, or public agency either: (1) Certified by NRCS and placed on the approved list to provide technical services to participants; or (2) Selected by the Department to assist the Department in the implementation of conservation programs covered by this part through a procurement contract, contribution agreement, or cooperative agreement with the Department.
Technical service contract A general service contract is as agreement between contracting parties whereby the service provider must do or create some certain things such as: repair, hair cutting, clothes tailoring, foods and drinks services.