engineering services definition

engineering services means infrastructure for –
engineering services means services related to a highway, and may include water supply services, waste water services, and storm water drainage and control services;
engineering services means the definition of the practice of engineering and the definition of practice of land surveying, as the case may be, under Section 7201 and Section 7203 of the State Education Law, respectively.

Examples of engineering services in a sentence

  • Provide a minimum of five and a maximum of ten projects with photos for which your firm has provided / is providing Architectural / Engineering services which are most related to this project.

  • Oversee commissioning of Engineering services systems mentioned above including integrated functioning of the all.

  • Mr. Soff made a motion to approve to pay EADS Group – for Engineering services on Glynden Rd Bridge Rehab – Bridge # 26 - $ 3,152.92 – This will be paid by Act 44 monies.

  • Mr. Weiderspahn made a motion to approve to pay EADS Group – for Engineering services on Creek Rd Bridge Rehab – Bridge # 8 - $ 5,848.90 – This will be paid by Liquid Fuels monies.

  • The City of Schertz, Texas (“City”) is seeking an Architectural / Engineering firm (the “A/E”) to perform typical and complete Architectural / Engineering services in conjunction with the design and construction of Fire Station # 4.

More Definitions of engineering services

engineering services means engineering work not making part of a CONTRACT for the delivery of a SYSTEM.
engineering services means those services described as the "practice of engineering," as defined in K.S.A. 74-7003, and amendments thereto.
engineering services means services installed in the process of developing land for the provision of water, sewerage and electricity, handling of solid waste, and the building of streets, roads and stormwater drainage systems, including all related services and equipment;
engineering services means the professional services, labor, materials, supplies,