Definition of Technical Dispute

  1. Technical Dispute means a dispute in relation to the parameters which constitute Adverse Metocean Conditions or a dispute of a technical nature in relation to Clauses 4.1(l), 5.8, 5.9, 14 and 16, or any dispute of a technical nature relating to the performance or operation of the Vessel (or measurement thereof), or any other dispute of a technical nature as may be agreed between the Parties, or a "Technical Dispute" as defined in the ILA;

Examples of Technical Dispute in a sentence

  1. If a dispute arises (other than disputes under Sections 6.1(b) or 12.1) between the parties that is exclusively related to technical aspects of the manufacturing, packaging, labelling, quality control testing, handling, storage, or other activities under this Agreement (a Technical Dispute), the parties will make all reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute by amicable negotiations.