Definition of Technical Dispute

Technical Dispute means a dispute in relation to the parameters which constitute Adverse Metocean Conditions, a dispute in relation to the tests to be agreed in Schedule 4, or a dispute of a technical nature in relation to clauses 4.6, 4.11 and 6, or any dispute of a technical nature relating to the performance or operation of the Vessel (or measurement thereof), or any other dispute of a technical nature as may be agreed between the Parties, or a Technical Dispute under the FSRU Operation and Services Agreement;

Examples of Technical Dispute in a sentence

If the parties cannot agree that a dispute is a Technical Dispute, Section 12.1 will prevail.
If any dispute arises out of this Agreement (other than a dispute under Section 6.1(b) or a Technical Dispute, as defined herein), the parties will first try to resolve it amicably.
In the case of the Technical Dispute Review Board, the initial Board Members' tenure shall terminate six (6) months after Demolition Completion (unless sooner terminated in accordance with this DRB Agreement or applicable law), with new Board Members to be appointed from such date through the Maintenance Period.
If a dispute arises (other than disputes under Sections 6.1(b) or 12.1) between the parties that is exclusively related to technical aspects of the manufacturing, packaging, labelling, quality control testing, handling, storage, or other activities under this Agreement (a Technical Dispute), the parties will make all reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute by amicable negotiations.
In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement (other than a dispute determined in accordance with Section 6.1(b) or a Technical Dispute), the parties shall first try to solve it amicably.