Mediation definition

Mediation means any process in which a mediator facilitates communication and negotiation between the parties to assist them in reaching a voluntary agreement regarding their dispute.
Mediation means a process whereby a neutral third person called a mediator acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties. It is an informal and nonadversarial process with the objective of helping the disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement. In mediation, decision-making authority rests with the parties. The role of the mediator includes, but is not limited to, assisting the parties in identifying issues, fostering joint problem-solving, and exploring settlement alternatives.

Examples of Mediation in a sentence

  • Arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the Employment Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures of the American Arbitration Association (available at to the extent not inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement.

  • In the event that a Mediation Notice is provided, ICANN and the Working Group shall, within fifteen (15) calendar days thereof, simultaneously post the text of their desired version of the Proposed Revisions and a position paper with respect thereto on ICANN’s website.

  • If the parties have not resolved the dispute for any reason by the date that is ninety (90) calendar days following receipt by the CEO or Chair, as applicable, of the Mediation Notice, the mediation shall automatically terminate (unless extended by agreement of the parties).

  • If the parties are unable to agree on a hearing officer within this time frame, the employee (or his/her representative) and the City shall jointly request a list of names of five (5) neutrals from the California State Mediation and Conciliation Service.

  • All disputes relating to this Agreement, including its enforceability, other than with respect to Sections 5 through 7 hereof, shall be resolved by final and binding arbitration before an arbitrator appointed by the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service (JAMS), with the arbitration to be held in Fairfax County, Virginia.

More Definitions of Mediation

Mediation means a mediation or non-binding arbitration proceeding with the ADR Facilitator conducted pursuant to the rules set forth in the ADR Rules.
Mediation means a voluntary process in which an impartial mediator assists and facilitates two or more parties to a controversy in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of the controversy and includes all contacts between a mediator and any party or agent of a party, until such a time as a resolution is agreed to by the parties or the mediation process is terminated.
Mediation means a structured process, however named or referred to, whereby two or more parties to a dispute attempt by themselves, on a voluntary basis, to reach an agreement on the settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a mediator. This process may be initiated by the parties or suggested or ordered by a court or prescribed by the law of a Member State.
Mediation means a process whereby a mediator appointed by the Department acts to encourage and facilitate resolution of a legally sufficient complaint. It is an informal and nonadversarial process with the objective of assisting the parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.
Mediation means a process, irrespective of the expression used or the basis upon which the process is carried out, whereby parties attempt to reach an amicable settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a third person or persons (“the mediator”) lacking the authority to impose a solution upon the parties to the dispute.