Clinical experience definition

Clinical experience means providing direct services to individuals with mental illness or the provision of direct geriatric services or special education services. Experience may include supervised internships, practicums, and field experience.
Clinical experience means all supervised learning experiences required and included as part of a training course in which the student provides or observes direct patient care. This includes vehicular experiences with a licensed ambulance service.

Examples of Clinical experience in a sentence

  • Clinical experience suggests that many such children are better off not taking stimulants or they may benefit from treatments directed against their OCD, anxiety, or other symptoms that may interfere with their “attentiveness”.

  • Clinical experience in intravenous ad- ministration of coconut water.

  • While as no significant association was found with other demographic variables as Age (p=0.18) and Clinical experience in pediatric wards (p=0.93) at p< 0.05 (Table 4).Table 2: Level of subject knowledgeN=50 Level of Knowledge Table 3: Pre and post knowledge mean scoreN=50 KnowledgeMean + Standard deviation Table 4: Association of Pre Test Knowledge Scores of Study Subjects With Their Selected Demographic Variables.

  • Petrosillo N, Giannella M, Antonelli M, et al: Clinical experience of colistin-glycopeptide combination in critically ill patients infected with Gram-negative bacteria.

  • To find out association of pre-test knowledge scores among staff nurses regarding the management of critically ill children on mechanical ventilator with their selected demographic variables i.e Age, Professional qualification, Clinical experience in pediatric wards , clinical experience in pediatric ICUs, and Special training related to pediatric critical care.

More Definitions of Clinical experience

Clinical experience means application or learned skills for direct resident care in a nursing facility.
Clinical experience means application or learned skills for direct resident care in a nursing facility. “Complete replacement” means completed construction on a new nursing facility to replace an existing licensed and certified nursing facility. The replacement facility shall have no more licensed beds than the facility being replaced and shall be located either in the same county as the facility being
Clinical experience means EMS training in a hospital or other clinical setting that allows an EMS student to develop and utilize EMS procedures and protocols in a supervised setting and leads to an understanding of hospital emergency departments as well as their relationship to other departments such as anesthesia, coronary care, critical care and obstetrics.
Clinical experience means employment in providing patient services in a health care setting;