Technical nature definition

Technical nature means a characteristic that places an item outside the training and expertise of an individual who regularly performs plan reviews.

Examples of Technical nature in a sentence

  • Questions of a Technical nature related to Marine Corps Warfare Lab (MCWL) topics: Contact the MCWL Future Technology Officer at

  • Technical nature, complexity, size, and time frame will be considered.

  • Select all that apply and briefly describe: Remote geographical location Unpredictable weather Innovative project/technologies Technical nature of the project Interdependencies between phases Other (Please specify) No risk identified 8.2 Project ReadinessQ.

  • Your acknowledgement of receipt of this order and all correspondence General and Technical nature shall be addressed to this office.

  • Questions of a Technical nature: Questions of a technical nature should be submitted to the ONR POC whose program best matches the offeror’s field of interest.

  • Any queries, whether of a Commercial or Technical nature, are to be addressed to the Commercial Branch who will be responsible for co-ordinating the Authority’s responses and making an inclusive reply.

  • Questions of a Technical nature related to Marine Corps Warfare Lab (MCWL) topics:Contact the MCWL Future Technology Officer at

  • Questions of a Technical nature: Questions of a Technical nature should be submitted to the ONR POC whose program best matches the offeror’s field of interest.

  • Technical nature and characteristics of TMP might be implementation specific.

  • Details of the circumstances of a Technical nature, beyond the control of the person carrying out the development which substantially militated against the commencement of the development or the carrying out of substantial works.

Related to Technical nature

  • Technical data means recorded information, regardless of the form or method of the recording, of a scientific or technical nature (including computer software documentation). The term does not include computer software or data incidental to contract administration, such as financial and/or management information.

  • Clinical nurse specialist means a registered nurse with relevant post-basic qualifications and 12 months’ experience working in the clinical area of his/her specified post-basic qualification, or a minimum of four years’ post-basic registration experience, including three years’ experience in the relevant specialist field and who satisfies the local criteria.

  • Crew leader means an individual who:

  • Technical Documentation means designs, reports, photographs, drawings, plans, specifications, computer software, surveys, calculations and other data, information and material collected, computed, drawn or produced, including computer print-outs.

  • Project Managers means the person at Developer responsible for the project management of Product and identified in Schedule 2;

  • DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES means therapies, typically provided by a qualified professional using a treatment plan, that are intended to lessen deficiencies in normal age appropriate function. The therapies generally are meant to limit deficiencies related to injury or disease that have been present since birth. This is true even if the deficiency was detected during a later developmental stage. The deficiency may be the result of injury or disease during the developmental period. Developmental services are applied for sustained periods of time to promote acceleration in developmentally related functional capacity. This plan covers developmental services unless specifically listed as not covered.

  • Project Manager means the principal employee or agent of the Recipient having administrative authority over the Project designated in Appendix B pursuant to Section VI hereof, or authorized designee as per written notification to the Director.

  • Multiregional Modeling Working Group or “MMWG” shall mean the NERC working group that is charged with multi-regional modeling.

  • Development Team means the entities and professionals assembled to develop and manage the Project, typically including the Applicant, Owner, Developer(s), Co-Developer(s) and general partner or any other related entities in which the Developer or Co-Developer has an identity of interest or a Controlling Interest.

  • Technical Support Services means the technical support and maintenance Services provided by us according to our then-current technical support policy and procedure listed at (“Technical Support Policy”) when the Services are purchased.

  • Technical Services means all services that are necessary to carry out individual, scattered site activities including but not limited to: (1) conducting initial inspections, (2) work write-up or project specification development, (3) cost estimate preparation, (4) construction supervision associated with activities that do not require an architect or engineer, (5) lead hazard reduction or lead abatement need determination and oversight, (6) lead hazard reduction or abatement carrying costs, (7) temporary relocation coordination, (8) financing costs such as security agreement preparation and recording or filing fees, (9) processing of individual applications for assistance, (10) income eligibility determination and verification, (11) value determination (new construction) or after rehabilitation value determination (existing structures), and (12) project-specific environmental clearance processes.

  • Design Development Documents means the Drawings, Specifications and other documents prepared by the Trade Contractor that establish and describe the size and character of the Trade Contractor Work as to architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, graphics and signage, and other elements, and which include typical construction details, equipment layouts and specifications that identify major materials and systems.

  • Project Management Report means each report prepared in accordance with Section 4.02 of this Agreement;

  • Technical Specifications means the detailed requirements for the Work furnished by the Architect and set forth in Book 3 of the Contract Documents.

  • Catalogue means the catalogue of IT Products available for Order under the provisions of the Framework Agreement.

  • Project Manual means the volume usually assembled for the Work which may include the bidding requirements, sample forms, and other Contract Documents.

  • Technical Contact shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 4.2.

  • Diagnostic clinical procedures manual means a collection of written procedures that describes each method (and other instructions and precautions) by which the licensee performs diagnostic clinical procedures; where each diagnostic clinical procedure has been approved by the authorized user and includes the radiopharmaceutical, dosage, and route of administration.

  • SAP Training Catalogue means the catalogue published by SAP containing details of SAP training courses and services.

  • Nuclear fuel cycle-related research and development activities means those activities which are specifically related to any process or system development aspect of any of the following: - conversion of nuclear material, - enrichment of nuclear material, - nuclear fuel fabrication, - reactors, - critical facilities, - reprocessing of nuclear fuel, - processing (not including repackaging or conditioning not involving the separation of elements, for storage or disposal) of intermediate or high-level waste containing plutonium, high enriched uranium or uranium-233, but do not include activities related to theoretical or basic scientific research or to research and development on industrial radioisotope applications, medical, hydrological and agricultural applications, health and environmental effects and improved maintenance.

  • technical specification means a document that prescribes technical requirements to be fulfilled by a product, process or service;

  • spatial development framework means the Spatial Development Framework adopted by the Municipality in terms of section 25(1) of the Municipal Systems Act and section 20(1) of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act;

  • Clinical categories means the groups into which hospital treatments are categorised by type, e.g., brain and nervous system, kidney and bladder, and digestive system. At the time of writing there were 38 categories in the Medicare clinical categories system.

  • Technical Manager means Navios ShipManagement Inc., a company incorporated in the Xxxxxxxx Islands and having its registered office at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, XX00000 or any other person appointed by an Owner, with the prior written consent of the Agent, as the technical manager of the relevant Mortgaged Vessel;

  • Project Leader has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

  • Development Report means a written account of Licensee’s progress under the Development Plan having at least the information specified on Appendix B to this Agreement, and shall be sent to the address specified on Appendix B.