Disagreement definition

Disagreement means a difference of opinion between personnel of a reporting issuer responsible for finalizing the reporting issuer’s financial statements and the personnel of a predecessor auditor responsible for authorizing the issuance of audit reports on the reporting issuer’s financial statements or authorizing the communication of the results of the auditor’s review of the reporting issuer’s interim financial report, if the difference of opinion
Disagreement. Any dispute over the interpretation and application of the collective agreement, except for those provided for under Section 62 of the Act.
Disagreement means the term as used in Item 304 of Regulation S-K of the Rules and Regulations.

Examples of Disagreement in a sentence

  • The Disagreement and Conflict between the old LIDers and the young SDSer, HaberIn a report to the LID board of directors, in October of 1960, Haber reported that SDS had six functioning chapters, five more in active formation, and another five in early stages of formation.4 He proposed a major effort to implement there recommendations of the Human Rights in the North Conference, to organize chapters in the South, and to establish close working relations with civil rights groups.

  • Disagreement with this Court's ruling is not the basis for reconsideration.

  • Disagreement was solved through discussion.The participants also had to rate their prior knowledge about depression on a 5-point Likert scale, and the number of words they wrote in the open-ended question was calculated using the Microsoft Word® count function.

  • To do this, we propose a novel acquisition function called the Expected Weighted Disagreement, or XWED for short, that is designed specifically to target improvements of the ASE estimate itself.|∼ ·|In line with acquisition strategies in active learning, we now require that π takes the form π(y x; ϕ) = EΘ π( ;ϕ) [π(y x, Θ; ϕ)], where Θ represents some model parameters we wish to learn about.

  • The provision is disclosed in Balance Sheet.Following two aspects are settled in the negotiations:(i) Errors in billing arising on account of variation between the quantities as per work completion certificate and invoice and other clerical errors preparing the invoice.(ii) Disagreement between the company and customer about the rate/cost on which prior agreement has not been reached between them.

More Definitions of Disagreement

Disagreement is defined in Section 2.7(b).
Disagreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.4(b).
Disagreement has the meaning set forth in Section 3.6 of this Agreement.
Disagreement means a dispute, controversy, or claim of any nature arising under or in connection with this Agreement, including any that results from any of the following:
Disagreement means any matter to which Chapter 24 Dispute Resolution applies;
Disagreement means any matter to which the Dispute Resolution Chapter applies as set out in paragraph 7 of that Chapter;
Disagreement has the meaning given in Section 2.3.2.