Definition of Tax Season

Tax Season means the period from November 1st of a given year through April 30th of the following year.

Examples of Tax Season in a sentence

You must obtain by January 2 of your first Tax Season and maintain throughout the entire term of this Agreement, an EFIN from the IRS.
Each party shall use reasonable efforts to implement all requested Deliverables on or before mutually agreed upon completion dates, but shall not be held liable for matters not completed for the beginning of a Tax Season if such requests have been agreed to after August 31st preceding a Tax Season.
This Agreement applies to the services set forth herein to be performed in connection with the facilitation of Financial Products by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service locations during the Tax Season.
The party whose performance is not impaired may terminate this Agreement by giving notice to the other party after two (2) consecutive days failure of performance during any Tax Season or upon thirty (30) consecutive days failure of performance at any other time, effective immediately upon written notice to such party.
Additionally, you must conduct a one-week tax course during every January, including the January of your first (1st) Tax Season, in accordance with the specifications in the Manual.