Operation Period definition

Operation Period means the period commencing from COD and ending on the Transfer Date;
Operation Period means the period commencing from COD till the end of the Agreement Period or till termination, in case of premature termination;
Operation Period means the period commencing from the date of issue of Completion Certificate and ending at the end of 360th months from that date unless terminated earlier or modified subject to Articles 18 and 23;

Examples of Operation Period in a sentence

  • The Authority shall procure that during the Operation Period, no barriers are erected or placed by any Government Instrumentality on the Bus Terminal except for reasons of Emergency, national security, or law and order.

  • Energy Payment NamPower shall pay to the Seller: for each Billing Period during the Term (including the Billing Period in which the Commercial Operation Date occurs), the Energy Payment (as per Annexure C (Energy Payment)); and for the duration of the Deemed Commercial Operation Period, if it occurs, the Deemed Energy Payment.

  • During Operation Period, the Concessionaire shall, no later than [7 (seven)] days after the close of every Accounting Year, furnish to the Authority and the Independent Expert an annual report, in a mutually agreed format, stating in reasonable detail the condition of the Resort and Project Infrastructure, including its compliance or otherwise with the Maintenance Requirements and the Safety Requirements, and shall promptly give such other relevant information as may be required by the Independent Expert.

  • The Concessionaire shall effect and maintain at its own cost, during the Construction Period and the Operation Period, such insurances for such maximum sums as may be required under the Financing Agreements and the Applicable Laws, and such insurances as may be necessary or prudent in accordance with Good Industry Practice.

  • The Concessionaire shall procure that at all times during the Operation Period, the Bus Terminal conforms to the maintenance requirements set forth in Schedule-K (the "Maintenance Requirements").

More Definitions of Operation Period

Operation Period. The period beginning on the day immediately following Acceptance.
Operation Period the period from the Operation Commencement Date to the Expiry Date, unless this PPP Agreement is terminated earlier in accordance with its terms;
Operation Period means period starting from Commercial Operation Date till expiry of Concession Period or Termination as the case may be;
Operation Period means the period commencing from COD and ending on the date of Termination of this Agreement;
Operation Period means the period commencing from COD;
Operation Period means the period from and including the Acceptance Date to and including the last day