Cannabis retailer definition

Cannabis retailer means any licensed person or entity that purchases or otherwise obtains usable cannabis from cannabis cultivators and cannabis items from cannabis manufacturers or cannabis wholesalers, and sells these to consumers from a retail store, and may use a cannabis delivery service or a certified cannabis handler for the off-premises delivery of cannabis items and related supplies to consumers. A cannabis retailer shall also accept consumer purchases to be fulfilled from its retail store that are presented by a cannabis delivery service which will be delivered by the cannabis delivery service to that consumer.
Cannabis retailer or “retailer” means a person licensed by the

Examples of Cannabis retailer in a sentence

Cannabis retailer licenses are issued to the proprietor and are not specific to the location.

Continuing to work with the Cannabis retailer selected by SLGA regarding what is required to open in Martensville.

Cannabis Facilities: Cannabis retailer and safety compliance facility Section 3.1.9.C. Mixed Use District.

Cannabis Establishments shall refer to Medical Cannabis cultivator, Medical Cannabis manufacturer, Cannabis cultivator, Cannabis manufacturer, Cannabis wholesaler and Cannabis distributor and shall not reference or include Medical Cannabis dispensary, Medical Cannabis Alternative Treatment Center, Cannabis retailer or Cannabis delivery service.

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Cannabis retailer means a person required to be licensed as a retailer, microbusiness, or nonprofit pursuant to Division 10 (commencing with Section 26000) of the Business and Professions Code.
Cannabis retailer means any licensed person or entity that
Cannabis retailer means any person, other than a wholesaler, who sells,
Cannabis retailer means an ACB ("A-Retailer") or MCB ("M-Retailer") that is authorized under Chapter 12.22, Title 23, and California law to dispense Cannabis at a non-residential location. A Retailer may deliver to its Qualified Patients, Primary Caregivers, or adult consumers and provide other incidental services to its Qualified Patients, Primary Caregivers, or adult consumers to the extent permitted by California law.
Cannabis retailer means a facility where cannabis or cannabis products are offered, either individually or in any combination, for retail sale, including an establishment that delivers cannabis and cannabis products as part of a retail sale or conducts sales exclusively by delivery. The term “cannabis retailer” includes any nonprofits that may be licensed under Business and Professions Code, Section 26070.5. For purposes of this Chapter, “cannabis retailer” also includes medical cannabis dispensaries, patient collectives and cooperatives operating, or proposing to operate, pursuant to the Compassionate Use Act (Health and Safety Code, § 11362.5) and/or