Season definition

Season means the period of time between an AGM and the subsequent AGM.
Season means that period of time during which a designated species of wildlife may be lawfully hunted or a designated species of fish may be lawfully fished.

Examples of Season in a sentence

  • For each additional consecutive quarter such a drastic reduction occurs, Contracting Officer will, upon written request, add an additional 3 months to the term during Normal Operating Season, except that no single 3-month addition shall extend the term of the contract by more than one year.

  • If delay in award is for 30 days or more during Normal Operating Season after bid opening, Contracting Officer shall, upon award, adjust the contract term to include additional calendar days in one or more Normal Operating Seasons equal to the time award is delayed during Normal Operating Season.

  • When weather permits operation after Normal Operating Season, Purchaser shall keep such work on any additional disturbed areas as current as practicable.

  • The annual meeting of the Members of TLL shall be held after the conclusion of the current regular Little League Season.

  • Approve the Fall Season Athletic Co-Curricular Appointments per Personnel C.4.c.

More Definitions of Season

Season means (i) the period from the first day of the fiscal month of February to the last day of the fiscal month of July and (ii) the period from the first day of the fiscal month of August to the last day of the fiscal month of January.
Season means the period in which most of the Grower’s Grain is harvested and delivered to Company sites, typically commencing in October in one year and going through to the February of the following year.
Season means a period of time established by regulation during which management rules specific to that period are in effect.
Season means summer, autumn, winter or spring.
Season means the League season, which typically runs from September to March
Season means the period between 1 February and 31 December in each calendar year;
Season means any recurring annual period of work at a specific time of year that lasts three to eleven consecutive months.