Season definition

Season means the period of time between an AGM and the subsequent AGM.
Season means that period of time during which a designated species of wildlife may be lawfully hunted or a designated species of fish may be lawfully fished.
Season means any recurring annual period of work at a specific time of year that lasts three to eleven consecutive months.

Examples of Season in a sentence

  • The Commission renews its Resolution of February 20, 2002 to forbear from collecting rent for seasons commencing with the 1999 NFL Season.

  • At the beginning of the fiscal year, the Hot Water (HW) Heating Season Consumption Rate (RHS) is set at 95% of the projected annual HW Consumption Rate.

  • If Transporter sells such capacity in a Prearranged Open Season pursuant to Section 4.4(c) with a future service commencement date, the posting provisions of the General Terms and Conditions Section 4.3 will apply to the sale of capacity on an interim basis.

  • The NPV of any bids in a Prearranged Open Season will be determined in accordance with Section 4.4(b).

  • In accordance with Section 4.4(f), all bids in a Prearranged Open Season are binding and a Shipper with an unmatched higher bid must execute a service agreement consistent with the terms of its bid within three (3) business days of receiving notice of its award of capacity under this provision.

More Definitions of Season

Season means a clearly delineated period of time during a given year that has a beginning date and ending date, as specified by the department, which correlates with a major portion of the harvest period for locally grown fresh produce.
Season means the period between 1 February and 31 December in each calendar year;
Season means a period of time established by regulation during which management rules specific to that period are in effect.
Season means the period of time between one AGM and the next AGM.
Season means the League season, which typically runs from September to March
Season means the cricket playing period from 1 September to 31 March (or such later date for which fixtures are arranged) in any calendar year in which Competition matches are played.
Season means Summer or Winter, as applicable, and “Seasons” means collectively Summer and Winter seasons.