Electronic filing definition

Electronic filing means a document that is filed under securities legislation or securities directions in electronic format or the act of filing a document under securities legislation or securities directions in electronic format, as the context indicates;
Electronic filing or “electronically file” means uploading a document directly from a registered user’s computer, using the court’s Internet based System to file that document in the court’s case file. Electronic filing also includes uploading to the System done by the clerk of documents given to the court in paper format or as .pdf (“Portable Document Format”) files. Sending a document to the court via electronic mail (e-mail) or facsimile transmission (fax) is not electronic filing.
Electronic filing means the process whereby a filer electronically transmits to a court a document in an electronic form to initiate an action or to be included in the court file for an action.

Examples of Electronic filing in a sentence

  • Electronic filing and electronic payment of taxes by large enterprises: implementation of electronic tax filing options has begun, and approximately 20 large enterprises have already used the option.

More Definitions of Electronic filing

Electronic filing means the electronic transmission of a document to the electronic document management system together with the production and transmission of a notice of electronic filing.
Electronic filing means uploading a pleading or document directly from the registered user’s computer in Adobe PDF format, using CM/ECF, to file that pleading or document in the Court’s case file. Sending a document or pleading to the Court via e-mail does not constitute “electronic filing.”
Electronic filing. (e-file) means the electronic trans- mission of documents to and from JAMS and other Par- ties for the purpose of filing via the Internet . “Electronic service” (e-service) means the electronic transmission of documents via JAMS Electronic Filing System to a Party, attorney or representative under these Rules .
Electronic filing means filing or submission of an Environmental Resource, Surface Water Management, Consumptive Use, or Works of the District Permit Application; Response to Request for Additional Information; or Request for Permit Transfer at the District’s e-Permitting website. Electronic filing is governed by the provisions of Chapter 668, F.S. If the applicant or sender of electronic data inhibits the ability of the District to store or print the electronic data, it shall not be considered filed with or received by the District. Filings received by the District after 5:00 p.m. shall be deemed filed on the next regular business day.
Electronic filing. (efiling) means uploaded to the appropriate case docket using the electronic judges of compensation claims’ e-filing system (e-JCC) accessed through a link on the OJCC website at www.jcc.state.fl.us.
Electronic filing means the filing of documents in .pdf format through the Court's ECF system or submitted to the Clerk in electronic format on portable electronic media.