Mini Soccer definition

Mini Soccer means those participating at ages under 7s to under 10s.
Mini Soccer means those participating at ages Under 7’s to Under 11’s.

Examples of Mini Soccer in a sentence

  • The Standard Code is mandatory for all Mini Soccer and Youth Football Competitions.

  • This document contains the Standard Code of Rules developed by The Football Association for Mini Soccer and Youth Football Competitions (the “Standard Code”).

  • All substitutes must be used and play a minimum of 50% of the total match play time in Mini Soccer.

  • FIXTURESAll Mini- Soccer matches within this Competition shall be played on a Saturday.

  • In Mini Soccer points can only be awarded for Under 10 Competitions onwards.

  • Children shall not play, and shall not be permitted or encouraged to play, in a match between sides of more than the stated number of players, according to their age group: N.B. This Competition plays: • Mini Soccer at Under 7 to Under 10• 9 v 9 Football at Under 11 to Under 12• 11 v 11 Football at Under 13 to Under 18 (D) A fee as set out in the Fees Tariff shall be paid by each Club/Team for each Player registered, if applicable .

  • This includes competitive games in the Mini Soccer Age Groups.Where ID Cards are exchanged it shall be the responsibility of each Team Manager to check them against the players named on the Match Result Sheet.

  • League Rules, and those of the Football Association as published in the Laws of Mini Soccer, will apply except where otherwise expressly varied.

  • The main objective of Mini Soccer is to be enjoyable so that children can have fun! It introduces children to the sport & helps them understand the rules & play in a team setting.

  • The Mini Soccer Programs Manager oversees the Micro and Mini programs, and the Recreational Program Manager oversees the in-house (u7-u12), Challenge, Classic and Senior Programs.

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