Operating Period definition

Operating Period means the period commencing from the Commercial Operation Date, until the last day of the Term of this Agreement or date of earlier termination of this Agreement in accordance with Article 2 of this Agreement;
Operating Period for any Element of the Project shall mean the period from (and including) the COD of such Element of the Project, up to (and including) the Expiry Date and for the Project, shall mean the period from (and including) the COD of the Project, up to (and including) the Expiry Date;
Operating Period means the period from the later of the Commercial Operation Date and the Scheduled COD to the Termination Date;

Examples of Operating Period in a sentence

  • Bidders will be required to post Development Period Security and Operating Period Security.

  • Once a project achieves Commercial Operation, the amount of required security (Operating Period Security) will be the same as the required amount of Development Period Security.

  • Absence of any amendment to, entry into, termination or waiver (in whole or in part) of any Material Contract, except any such amendment, termination or waiver that has been approved by Purchaser, that would reasonably be expected to materially and adversely affect the Operating Period.

More Definitions of Operating Period

Operating Period means a period of time of not less than three consecutive months and that oc- curs not more than one month prior to applying for an alternative emission limitation demonstration period under 40 CFR 76.10, as amended through December 19, 1996, during which the owner or oper- ator of an affected unit that cannot meet the applicable emission limitation:
Operating Period means, in respect of the Wind Project, the period commencing on the Commercial Operation Date (however titled) under any power purchase agreement to which the Project Company is a party.
Operating Period means the period between the Service Commencement Date and the Termination Date;
Operating Period means, in respect of the Project, the period commencing on COD.
Operating Period means each annual period commencing on the Commencement Date and on each anniversary thereof.
Operating Period means the time from Traffic Availability (including the day Traffic Availability is achieved) until the end of the Term;