Student Member definition

Student Member means the member of ICCB who has been selected by ICCB's Student Advisory Committee. The student member has all the privileges of membership defined in Section 2-3 of the Act.
Student Member means an individual who is not a Registrant and who is currently participating in post- secondary education respecting the practice of agrology;
Student Member means a member recorded as a Student Member in the Register.

Examples of Student Member in a sentence

  • On a poll every Member present (not being a Student Member) in person, by electronic means or by proxy shall have one vote.

  • A resident of the State of Iowa and/or any individual who is currently associated in providing emergency medical care within the State of Iowa who is enrolled in emergency medical services training may become a Student Member of the Association at no charge.

  • Every Member (not being a Student Member) present shall have one vote.

More Definitions of Student Member

Student Member means an individual who is ordinarily resident in Ontario who: (i) has applied for and been accepted as a Member; (ii) is enrolled as an undergraduate student in a university located in Canada or the United States which confers academic qualifications entitling the recipient to be licensed to practise the profession of pharmacy; and (iii) is up to date in respect of Dues and Fees as provided for herein and
Student Member means an individual who is a student member in good standing of Component class recognized by the Society;
Student Member means a member of the Society who is a registered student (part time or full time) in Australia with an annual income limit of $40,000 per annum and has the rights and obligations as set out in rule 12. Proof of student registration must accompany the membership application form;
Student Member means any person who is Member of the Institute and who enrols himself as a trainee with the Authority for seeking practical training to obtain a license to act as Surveyor and Loss Assessor;
Student Member means an individual defined in Article 4.4.2 herein;
Student Member means a person who has had their membership or renewal application accepted in the Student membership category.
Student Member means any natural person admitted as a Student Member of the Association pursuant to the conditions, provisions and terms contained in Section 4.4.