Principal member definition

Principal member means the person who signs the application and is responsible for the payment of premiums.
Principal member means any Participant in the Association which has executed the Articles of Association and those who, after the date of execution of these Articles of Association, adhere to a Participation Agreement
Principal member means a person who has a significant

Examples of Principal member in a sentence

  • In order to attain and maintain membership as a Disclosed Principal Member, a Person must, at a minimum, as from the date on which it is proposed that it becomes a Disclosed Principal Member, meet all the requirements for membership as a Clearing Member.

  • Where the Clearing Member appoints a Disclosed Principal Member, there shall be no Customer Account for either the Clearing Member or the Disclosed Principal Member and the only Proprietary Account shall be that of the Disclosed Principal Member.

  • Confirm that if I (Principal Member) am part of a group membership by virtue of employment, I grant permission to Medshield Medical Scheme to share information relating to my membership with my employer.

  • A Disclosed Principal Member shall be liable as principal to the Clearing House and responsible for all obligations arising in respect of the Proprietary Account referable to the Clearing Member that has appointed it as a Disclosed Principal Member, instead of the Clearing Member.

  • I, the Principal Member, (Name & Surname), ID number , do hereby:Please read the items of consent below carefully.

More Definitions of Principal member

Principal member means a member of MCI that is a Principal Member, Association Member or Travelers Cheque Member within the meaning of MCI's bylaws and any Person that is a Class A Member of MCI within the meaning of the New MCI Bylaws.
Principal member means the Eligible Member.
Principal member means each of the Majority Member and the Minority Member for so long as such Member (together with its Permitted Transferees) holds not less than 10% of the then aggregate outstanding LLC Units; and upon any failure to so hold 10% of the then aggregate outstanding LLC Units, such Member shall cease to be a “Principal Member.”
Principal member means an employee who is employed on a full-time, permanent basis and full- time employees who retire from the services of an employer who is the Policyholder and are eligible for cover at the date of retirement.
Principal member means a person who has a significant ownership interest in a licensee or applicant that is an association, trust, or limited liability company or similar entity, as determined by the board.
Principal member means each of the C&D Fund, Daniel H. Yergin, Joseph A. Stanislaw and James P. Rosenfield (the "Original Principal Members") and each of their respective Permitted Transferees who are "accredited investors" within the meaning of rule 501(a) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that a Principal Member shall cease to be a Principal Member at such time as such person or entity shall not beneficially own at least 20% of the LLC Units that such Member (or the applicable Original Principal Member in the case of a Permitted Transferee) beneficially owned on the Effective Date, and, PROVIDED, FURTHER, that, solely for the purposes, under this Section 2.1(ff) and Section 7.4, of calculating the number of LLC Units beneficially owned by a Principal Member who is an individual,
Principal member means a person who is over the age of 18 (eighteen) years, who applies for cover under the Policy, and who is the Policyholder in terms of this Policy;