Unitholder definition

Unitholder means a person holding units in the scheme of the Mutual Fund.
Unitholder means a person for the time being entered on the register of holders as the holder of Units including, where the context so admits, persons jointly registered.
Unitholder means the registered holder of any Unit of beneficial interest, his legal representative and heirs, or the successors of any corporation, partnership or other legal entity and as such shall be deemed a beneficiary of the related Trust created by this Indenture to the extent of his pro rata share thereof.

Examples of Unitholder in a sentence

  • The Trustee shall have no liability to any Unitholder or other person for any payment made in good faith pursuant to this Section.

  • The consent or concurrence of any Unitholder hereunder shall not be required for any such adjustment or increase.

  • The number of Units in a Trust may be increased through a split of the Units or decreased through a reverse split thereof, as directed by the Depositor, on any day on which the Depositor is the only Unitholder of such Trust, which revised number of Units shall be recorded by the Trustee on its books.

  • The Depositor shall cause to be refunded to each Unitholder his pro rata portion of the sales charge levied on the sale of Units to such Unitholder attributable to such Failed Contract Security.

  • The consent or concurrence of any Unitholder hereunder shall not be required for any such adjustment or increase, however, the consent of the Depositor shall be required.

More Definitions of Unitholder

Unitholder means a holder of Units.
Unitholder means a Common Unitholder and any Member who is the registered holder of any other class of Units, if any.
Unitholder means a holder of one or more Units.
Unitholder. Means a person registered as a holder of a Unit
Unitholder means any owner of one or more Units as reflected on the Company’s books and records.
Unitholder means a holder of Units, and any reference to a Unitholder in the context of such Unitholder’s right to vote at a meeting of Unitholders also includes a holder of Special Voting Units.
Unitholder. · means a person holding unit(s) in a scheme of L&T Mutual Fund as on the record date.