Unitholder definition

Unitholder means a person holding units in the scheme of the Mutual Fund.
Unitholder means the registered holder of any Unit of beneficial interest, his legal representative and heirs, or the successors of any corporation, partnership or other legal entity and as such shall be deemed a beneficiary of the related Trust created by this Indenture to the extent of his pro rata share thereof.

Examples of Unitholder in a sentence

  • Failure to inform within 72 hours after receiving the email would serve as an affirmation regarding the acceptance by the Unitholder of the Abridged Annual Report.

  • The minimum amount which the Unitholder can withdraw is Rs. 1,000/- (RupeesOne Thousand Only) and in multiples of Re. 1 (Rupee One Only) thereafter.The Capital Appreciation Option allows the automatic redemption of the incremental amount i.e. appreciation on the original investment.

  • In the event that the folio has more than one registered Unitholder, the first named holder will receive the CAS.

  • Under this option, the Unitholder transfers only proportionate amount equal to the appreciation in the investment over the last month.

  • The Unitholder may avail of this Plan by sending a written request to the Registrar.The amount thus withdrawn by redemption will be converted into Units at the Applicable NAV based prices and the number of Units so arrived at will be subtracted from the Unit balance to the credit of that Unitholder.

More Definitions of Unitholder

Unitholder means a holder of Units.
Unitholder means a holder of Units, and any reference to a Unitholder in the context of such Unitholder’s right to vote at a meeting of Unitholders also includes a holder of Special Voting Units.
Unitholder. · means a person holding unit(s) in a scheme of L&T Mutual Fund as on the record date.
Unitholder means the General Partner or any Holder of Partnership Units.
Unitholder means a person registered as a holder of a Unit;
Unitholder means a Common Unitholder and any Member who is the registered holder of any other class of Units, if any.
Unitholder means a holder of Units of an ETF;