Unit Holder definition

Unit Holder means a person holding units in the scheme of the Mutual Fund.
Unit Holder means the owner of one or more Units.
Unit Holder means any Person who is the owner of one or more Units. “Unit Holders” means all such Persons.

Examples of Unit Holder in a sentence

  • Each Unit Holder has a beneficial interest in the Fund proportionate to the Units held by such Unit Holder.

  • In case the Management Company announces a suspension of further issue of Units of Fund, it may allow existing Unit Holder to continue acquiring Units out of any dividend declared on the Units held.

  • Above deduction will not be made if Unit Holder provides declaration in due course of time to the Management Company.

  • The Management Company shall use such Registration Number for recording Units held by the Unit Holder.

  • Unit Holder may nominate any successor/ nominee for transmission, subject to all legal requirements, in case of the decease of Unit Holder.

More Definitions of Unit Holder

Unit Holder means the holder of any unit of any Trust.
Unit Holder means the investor for the time being entered in the Register as owner of a Unit including investors jointly so registered pursuant to the provisions of this Trust Deed.
Unit Holder or "Holders" means a person recognized by or on behalf of the Trustee Company as the holder of Units under the said Scheme, and whose name is, for the time being, entered in the Register or list of Holders maintained under the said Scheme.
Unit Holder has the meaning ascribed to that term in the Trust Deed;
Unit Holder shall be the registered holder of any Unit, whether or not in certificated form, as recorded on the registration books of the Trustee."
Unit Holder means a person holding units in the Scheme of the Mutual Fund;
Unit Holder means any Person who holds one (1) or more Units, regardless of whether such Person is a Member and regardless of whether such Units were initially acquired by such Person from the Company or by assignment from another Unit Holder.