COMMON GOALS Sample Clauses

COMMON GOALS. It is the intent of the Agency and Union to have open discussions about disagreements in the workplace, to treat such matters seriously, and to cooperate in the spirit of mutual problem-solving to resolve disputes. Since grievances often arise from misunderstandings that can be settled promptly and satisfactorily on an informal basis, the Agency and Union will encourage potential grievants to discuss their complaints with the responsible management or Union officials at the lowest level before filing a written grievance. The Union, if requested by the employee, has the right to participate either personally or telephonically in such discussions with management officials. However, informal efforts may not lead to resolution. The Agency shall not construe the filing of grievances as reflecting unfavorably on an employee’s good standing, performance, loyalty, or desirability to the organization, nor shall the Union or employees file grievances in order to affect adversely the perception of the person or reputation of any representative of the Agency.
COMMON GOALS. The Parties have a shared vision to promote the establishment of a well-developed infrastructure for electric vehicles in Copenhagen as per January 1st, 2012. To make this happen the Parties agree to: • work together in a structured process in an attempt to solve issues which prevent such infrastructure from being designed, installed and put into operation • have an ongoing dialogue in order to be pro-active and prepared to accommodate electric vehicles in Copenhagen
COMMON GOALS. 1.01 a) The Board and Teachers agree that this Collective Agreement shall be applied in a manner which fully supports the basic equality of all staff.
COMMON GOALS. A. In concert with the United Nations Urban Environmental Accord, the City’s Resolution Number 20090115-050 adopting a Zero Waste Strategic Plan, and consistent with recycling responsibilities of counties and municipalities as outlined in Texas Health & Safety Code Sec. 361.425 – 361.426, the City and the County agree that the goal of Zero Waste is defined as follows:
COMMON GOALS. Within the framework of the contract, the parties to the contract strive for the following cynological goals:
COMMON GOALS. To achieve the common goal of maintaining and improving the quality of life for Team Members and their families through Android growth, the Parties are committed to;
COMMON GOALS. A. All parties agree to work on updating a new animal control ordinance during the next 12 months to include the availability of administrative citations.
COMMON GOALS. As it is the common goal of the Board and the Union to provide the best possible Catholic education for the children of this community. In order to achieve that goal it is essential that the Board and the Union maintain the harmonious relationship which exists between them.
COMMON GOALS. Both the MO and the Local Union strongly endorse the concept that individual grievances should be resolved fairly and at the earliest possible step in the grievance procedure. In order to achieve this end, the following procedure is established as the sole procedure available for the processing of matters covered by this grievance procedure for Employees, the MO and the Local Union.