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Service Provided. Clinical care Start Date: 1993/7
Service Provided means: Running pipelines hosted, managed and operated on the Digibee cloud.
Service Provided. Report falls to primary care providers, provide falls prevention materials, in home fall evaluations Start Date: 1991

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  • GENERAL REGULATIONSE2.4 Payment Arrangements and Credit Allowances (Cont'd)E2.4.8 Billing of Access Service Provided by Multiple Companies (Cont'd)C.

  • Contractor must provide the agency location a ‘Notice of Service Provided Slip’.

  • The Contractor must provide the agency a ‘Notice of Service Provided Slip’.

  • The offeror must complete this area with a beginning month and year and an ending month and year to show the length of time the offeror performed the work, not just the length of time the offeror was engaged by the reference.• Description of the Related Service Provided.

  • Invoice and Payment6.1 Invoice Requirements Contractor must provide the agency location a ‘Notice of Service Provided Slip’.

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Service Provided. Surveillance Start Date: 1994
Service Provided. Colon cancer screening promotion Start Date: 2006
Service Provided. Disaster response Start Date: < 2003 Description: The El Paso County/Colorado Springs community collaboration has formed DR HELP. This partnership was created by the efforts of the El Paso County Medical Society (EPCMS), El Paso County Department of Health and Environment, city and county offices of emergency management, hospitals, schools, and other agencies. It is working to meet the challenges of medical and public health response to a massive disease outbreak or bioterrorist event, as well as other occasions involving overwhelming mass casualties. Combining forces to make DR HELP the community’s Medical Reserve Corps are: 100-150 EPCMS physicians, 75 area mental health professionals, approximately 450 nurses, approximately 50 physician assistants, the dental society, the veterinary society, the City of Colorado Springs Office of Emergency Management, El Paso County Office of Emergency Management, Colorado Springs School District 11, and the El Paso County Department of Health and Environment. This program is innovative in that it takes the President’s recommendation of a Medical Reserve Corps and realistically distributes authority and responsibility throughout the medical community to minimize demand on community hospitals, which are already operating at near capacity and unable to accept much additional surge capacity. The EPCMS began DR HELP because it realized that the hospitals in the region would be overwhelmed should a massive catastrophic event occur. Note: Many communities have disaster response plans that involve primary health physicians and health departments. This is one example.
Service Provided. The EduProtocols Professional Development Presenter: Xxx Xxxxxxx Time: TBD for one hour Estimated number of participants: TBD Location: virtual Contact:Xxx Xxxxxxx Fee: $600 PAYMENT: A check for the agreed upon fee will be issued within 30 days of the completion of the above stated service. Payment will be made to Xxxx Xxxxxxx Consulting, Inc. at the above stated address. TECH REQUIREMENT: The Contracting Agency agrees to provide good internet connectivity for it’s participants as well as a stable platform, such as Zoom. If mutually agreed, we will test the technology a week prior to the event. Without the appropriate technology and access, the Consultant reserves the right to cancel the program. In the event that this occurs, full payment of the contracted fee will be paid to the Consulting Agency.
Service Provided. The Agency’s service is provided to clients on an as needed and as available basis only. Clients agree to give the agency at least 24 hours notice with each request. The Agency does not guarantee the ability to find a Nanny less than 24 hours of date requested by the client. We will do out best to fulfill all requests and understand that last minute requests will arise. The Client hereby acknowledges that on occasion, (holidays, seasonal times and especially if not given sufficient notice of 24 hrs) nanny services may not be available on a particular day. Fees: The Client agrees to pay a registration fee annually to request Nannies as needed. The Client agrees to pay an additional referral fee for each date requested which will be determined by Naptown Nannies, LLC's fee schedule at the time the Client makes the request. The Client agrees to pay a fee each time they employ one of the Agency's nannies. The client also agrees to pay the Nanny directly the hourly rate at the end of the day or evening directly. The Client is responsible for speaking directly to a representative of the Agency to inform the Agency that the Nanny will work additional hours BEFORE that Nanny works such additional hours. The Client also aggress and understands that if the Nanny works fewer hours then the hours contracted pursuant to this Agreement, the Client will NOT receive a credit toward additional hours of work by an applicant. Safety: The Client agrees that they as parents are responsible for going over household rules and safety hazards and precautions. Clients are advised to write down all safety concerns, go over them with the nanny verbally before leaving the house, and leave emergency phone numbers. ( Parent/Guardian Signature) ( Date) ( Parent/Guardian Signature) ( Date)
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