Management Office Sample Clauses

Management Office. Owner shall provide adequate space on the Project for a management office, exclusively for the use of Pinnacle to conduct the business of the management of the Project. Owner shall pay all reasonable expenses related to such office as provided in the Plan (defined below), including, but not limited to, furnishings, equipment, postage, office supplies, electricity, other utilities, and telephone services.
Management Office. Service requirements of Tenant will be attended to only upon application at the management office for the Building. Employees of Landlord, its beneficiaries or the managing agent of the Building shall not perform any work or do anything outside of their duties unless under special instructions from Landlord.
Management Office. Add address if applicable.
Management Office. Owner shall provide adequate space on the Premises for a management office. Owner shall pay all expenses related to such office, including, but not limited to, furnishings, equipment, computer, postage and office supplies, electricity and other utilities, and telephone.
Management Office. (a) Tenant agrees to sublease to Landlord, upon the same terms as set forth in this Lease, including the rent and initial contribution, (or to delete from the Premises), upon written notice from Landlord to Tenant, and upon such other terms and conditions as are reasonably acceptable to Landlord and Tenant, not more than two thousand five hundred (2,500) Rentable Square Feet of space in the Building, which space shall be used solely for a building management office. The space may be located either in the Retail Space or in the Office Space, with the exact size and location of such space to be subject to approval by both Landlord and Tenant, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned.
Management Office a) Within two months upon the Date of Letter of Award, the Contractor shall establish an office in Kolkata to house all of his staff and Designer. Progress payment will be withheld if the staff or Designers are found not permanently stationed in Kolkata.
Management Office. Article 29 of the Lease shall be amended and restated in its entirety as follows:
Management Office. During the term of this Agreement, Owner shall make available to Manager finished office space (the "Management Office") on a rent-free basis in an amount not to exceed 3,000 square feet, and sufficient enough to allow Manager to provide first class leasing, management, marketing and construction activities for the benefit of the Project. Currently, the Management Office is located on the 11th Floor of the Project and comprises of approximately 2,660 square feet, in any case the space shall contain, but not be limited to a reception area, offices for the property manager, leasing manager, conference room, kitchenette, and an area for a copier and file cabinets. Owner, at Owner's expense, shall provide all furnishings and equipment (fax, copy, postage machines, computers and etc.) required for the operation of the Management Office and Project. Manager shall submit to Owner by February 1,
Management Office. As of the date hereof, the management office for the Project consists of 1,000 square feet of Rentable Area and is located in the area shown on Exhibit "A". If Tenant desires Landlord to relocate the management office to another area of the Building, Tenant shall forward written notice to Landlord within ten (10) business days after the Effective Date. If Tenant makes such request, Landlord and Tenant shall work together, acting reasonably and in good faith, to select another location in the Building within five (5) days of Tenant's request which does not interfere with Tenant's space planning needs (and in no event shall the relocated management office exceed 1,000 square feet of Rentable Area). If pursuant to this paragraph the square footage of the management office is reduced to less than 1,000 square feet, the square footage of the Premises shall be adjusted accordingly (subject to confirmation pursuant to Section 2.04) to recognize that the Premises and the management office shall aggregate 100% of the Rentable Area in the Building. Tenant shall pay for all costs of any such relocation.
Management Office. (a) Landlord and Tenant agree that Landlord will sublease from Tenant the space on the seventh (7th) floor of the Building (the “Sublease Space”), containing approximately 5,215 Rentable Square Feet, as shown on Exhibit D to the First Amendment. Approximately 2,500 Rentable Square Feet of the Sublease Space (the “Management Office”) shall be used as a management office for the Building, and the balance of the Sublease Space (the “Development Office”) may be used for general office purposes, for a term equal to the Lease Term. Such sublease shall be upon the same terms and conditions as provided by Landlord to Tenant for the Second Floor Additional Space, including the annual fixed rent, free rent and improvement allowance.