Long Term Supply Agreement definition

Long Term Supply Agreement or “LTSA” means an agreement between the Parties that provides for Buyer to purchase Products or Services from Seller through the release of Purchase Orders against that Long Term Supply Agreement. Each LTSA incorporates these Terms and Conditions by reference unless stated otherwise in the LTSA.
Long Term Supply Agreement means a multiple-year contract with a supplier committing Ford to procure and the supplier to supply goods or services for a specified time period on specified terms.
Long Term Supply Agreement means that certain Long Term Supply Agreement by and between the Company and Conexant in the form attached hereto as Exhibit D.

Examples of Long Term Supply Agreement in a sentence

  • Long Term Supply Agreement dated 14 November 2012 between CFIL and Perun (“ Perun LSA”).

  • Such Long Term Supply Agreement (“LTSA”) for supply of vacuum evaporated edible salt will be structured as a take or pay arrangement for an initial period of 25 years, with an option to extend as mutually agreed and will be effective on and from the Appointed Date and operative on and from the Effective Date.

  • Any such Purchase Order or Long Term Supply Agreement issued will be an Existing Agreement for the purposes of this Agreement.

  • Contracted Revenue: non weighted backlog and framework supply agreements including: Purchase order backlog; committed opportunities including expected call-off from framework supply agreements (Long Term Supply Agreement – LTSA, MOU, LOI, general T&C); and committed one-off projects with any customer with or without a framework agreement.

  • In this regard, notwithstanding any term or condition of this Agreement or of any Purchase Order, Long Term Supply Agreement, Sourcing Agreement, or Target Agreement, Newco may (but is not obligated to) sell, exit, close, or transfer any Newco Facilities at any time.

  • See also Long Term Supply Agreement between Deere and Stanadyne (Aug.

  • In the event of a conflict between the terms of any Purchase Order, Long Term Supply Agreement, or Global Terms and this Agreement in regard to specific Components, the terms of this Agreement shall control in regard to such Components.

  • The Company has a 'Long Term Supply Agreement' (LTSA) with one of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for the supply of spares to the Company.

  • Radnor and Purchaser agree that the final form of the Long Term Supply Agreement will be agreed on or before Friday November 23, 2001.

  • Solicitations may be added to the list at any time; provided, that the addition of a solicitation to the list shall be published for not less than 30 days before the solicitation is released.

More Definitions of Long Term Supply Agreement

Long Term Supply Agreement means an agreement which is under discussion between the Parties for the supply of the Products after April 1, 2012 based on the discussions of the Working Group.
Long Term Supply Agreement means the long term supply agreements effective as of 1 April 2001 and entered into by StyroChem Finland Oy, as supplier, with each of the Companies, as customer, for the manufacture and supply of expandable polystyrene, as amended and consolidated by the parties thereto, substantially in the form set out in Schedule 4, to be entered into and effective on Completion;
Long Term Supply Agreement means that certain Long Term Supply Agreement, dated October 28, 2011, between Snecma, a French société anonyme, and Albany (which agreement has been assigned by Albany to the Company as of the Effective Time pursuant to the Albany Contribution Agreement), as it may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time in accordance with its terms.
Long Term Supply Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals hereto.
Long Term Supply Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(b)(ii).

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