Labor Disturbances Sample Clauses

Labor Disturbances. Since January 1, 2007, the Acquired Companies have not experienced any work stoppage, slow-down, picket, strike, lock-out or other labor disturbance, nor is any such work stoppage, slow-down, picket, strike, lock-out or other labor disturbance presently occurring or, to the Knowledge of Sellers and the Acquired Companies, Threatened. To the Knowledge of Sellers and the Acquired Companies, (i) there are no organizational efforts presently being made or Threatened by or on behalf of any labor union with respect to any Employees, and (ii) since January 1, 2007, no union or other labor organization has attempted to organize any current or former employees of the Acquired Companies. Neither Sellers, the Acquired Companies nor to their Knowledge any of the ERISA Affiliates are or were a party to any collective bargaining agreement.
Labor Disturbances. No labor disturbance by the employees of the Company exists or, to the Company's knowledge, is imminent, and the Company is not aware of any existing or imminent labor disturbance by the employees of any of its principal suppliers, customers, contractors or distribution (or syndication) partners which would have a Material Adverse Effect.
Labor Disturbances. Immediate oral notice (followed by written notice and reports) shall be given by Licensee to Company of any and all impending or existing labor complaints, troubles, disputes or controversies involving the employees of Licensee, which are capable of affecting the operation of the Terminal or the operation of other carriers thereat, and Licensee shall continually report to Company the progress of such complaints, disputes, or controversies and any progress toward the resolution thereof. Company shall have the right, upon written or oral notice to Licensee, to immediately suspend the provisions of this Agreement under which Licensee is using the Terminal facilities and services in either of the following events:
Labor Disturbances 

Related to Labor Disturbances

  • SLEEPING CAPACITY/DISTURBANCES Tenant and all other occupants of the premises will be required to vacate the premises and forfeit the rental fee and security deposit for any of the following: Occupancy exceeding the sleeping capacity of the property, using the premises for any illegal activity, causing damage to the premises rented or to any of the neighboring properties and any other acts that interfere with neighbors' right to quiet enjoyment of their premises. HOLD HARMLESS None of iTrip Vacations, Sea Oats Vacation Property Management, Inc. or the owner of the premises assume risk, responsibility or any liability for, and the Tenant hereby releases, waives, relinquishes and discharges iTrip Vacations, Sea Oats Vacation Property Management, Inc., the owner of the premises and all directors, officers, employees, agents or other representatives of such parties from, any (i) loss, damage, illness, injury or exposure to COVID-19, other viruses or the flu to persons or their personal property that occurs during their stay on the premises; (ii) any inconveniences, damage, loss or injury arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in supply of water, gas, cable service, internet service, electricity or plumbing or (iii) any inconveniences, damage, loss or injury arising from or due to weather conditions, insects, natural disasters, acts of God, or other reasons beyond their control. POOL & PATIO If the premises include a private or community pool (including hot tubs), then the Tenant hereby acknowledges that the premises they have reserved include a community pool and the undersigned agrees and acknowledges that the community pool and patio/deck can be dangerous areas, that the deck/patio can be slippery when wet, and that injury may occur to anyone who is not careful. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned Tenant accepts and assumes all risks involved to Tenant and all of Tenant's guests in or related to the use of the private or community pool (including hot tubs) and patio areas.

  • Labor No work stoppage or labor strike against the Company is pending, threatened or reasonably anticipated. The Company does not know of any activities or proceedings of any labor union to organize any Employees. There are no actions, suits, claims, labor disputes or grievances pending, or, to the knowledge of the Company, threatened or reasonably anticipated relating to any labor, safety or discrimination matters involving any Employee, including, without limitation, charges of unfair labor practices or discrimination complaints, which, if adversely determined, would, individually or in the aggregate, result in any material liability to the Company. Neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries has engaged in any unfair labor practices within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act. The Company is not presently, nor has it been in the past, a party to, or bound by, any collective bargaining agreement or union contract with respect to Employees and no collective bargaining agreement is being negotiated by the Company.

  • Labour 1. Recognising that each Contracting Party has the right to determine its own labour standards of protection and to adopt or modify laws accordingly its ad hoc, each Contracting Party shall endeavour to ensure that its legislation provides labour standards consistent with the internationally recognized labor rights set forth in paragraph 6 of article 1 and will continue to improve those standards.

  • Accidents If a death, serious personal injury or substantial property damage occurs in connection with CONTRACTOR’s performance of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall immediately notify Mendocino County Risk Manager's Office by telephone. CONTRACTOR shall promptly submit to COUNTY a written report, in such form as may be required by COUNTY of all accidents which occur in connection with this Agreement. This report must include the following information: (1) name and address of the injured or deceased person(s); (2) name and address of CONTRACTOR's sub-contractor, if any; (3) name and address of CONTRACTOR's liability insurance carrier; and (4) a detailed description of the accident and whether any of COUNTY's equipment, tools, material, or staff were involved.

  • Lockouts Should tenants lock themselves out of their dwelling and be unable to gain access through their own resources, they may call upon professional locksmith or the Owners to let them in. In either case, they are responsible for payment of the charges and/or damages involved. Owners charge a fee of $15 for providing this service between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, excepting holidays, and a fee of $25 for all other times. This fee is due and payable when the service is provided.

  • WORK STOPPAGES The City and the Union signatory to this Agreement agree that the public interest requires the efficient and uninterrupted performance of all City service, and to this end pledge their best efforts to avoid or eliminate any conduct contrary to this objective. During the term of this Agreement, the Union and/or the employees covered by this Agreement shall not cause or engage in any work stoppage, strike, slow down or other interference with City functions. Employees covered by this Agreement who engage in any of the foregoing actions may be subject to such disciplinary actions as may be determined by the City.

  • Quarantine Leave Quarantine leave without loss of pay shall be granted to a Long Term Occasional Teacher for a period of quarantine when declared by the Medical Officer of Health or designate.

  • STRIKES & LOCKOUTS The Union agrees there shall be no strikes and the Hospital agrees there shall be no lockouts so long as this Agreement continues to operate. The terms "strike" and "

  • Industrial Accident Leave 5.8.1 Unit Members will be entitled to industrial accident leave according to the provision in Education Code Section 87787 for personal injury which has qualified for Worker's Compensation under the provisions of the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

  • Strikes Nothing in this Agreement permits or grants to any employee the right to strike or refuse to perform their official duties.