Defaulting Party definition

Defaulting Party has the meaning specified in Section 6(a).
Defaulting Party has the meaning set forth in Section 9.1.
Defaulting Party. As defined in the Swap Agreement.

Examples of Defaulting Party in a sentence

  • Exchange will forthwith issue an Invoice reflecting all amounts due and payable by the Defaulting Party.

  • Exchange shall pay any net settlement amount owed to the Defaulting Party with respect to the Offsetting Transactions and upon such payment, shall assume all of the rights of the Defaulting Party under the Offsetting Transactions.

  • Counterparty shall promptly provide notice thereof to Dealer (i) upon the occurrence of any event that would constitute an Event of Default or a Termination Event in respect of which Counterparty is a Defaulting Party or an Affected Party, as the case may be, and (ii) upon announcement of any event that, if consummated, would constitute an Extraordinary Event, an Event of Default or Potential Adjustment Event.

  • Upon payment of the amounts required to be paid in accordance with this Agreement by Exchange or the Contracting Party, as the case may be, in respect of any Failure to Deliver, Failure to Pay or Failure to Take in respect of any Physically Settled Futures Transaction, Exchange or the Defaulting Party, as the case may be, shall have no further liability under any such Physically Settled Futures Transaction or this Agreement in respect of any such Failure to Deliver, Failure to Pay or Failure to Take.

More Definitions of Defaulting Party

Defaulting Party means the Party that is subject to an Event of Default.
Defaulting Party. As defined in Section 7.01(b).
Defaulting Party. Defaulting Party means a Party which the General Assembly has identified to be in breach of this Consortium Agreement and/or the Grant Agreement as specified in Section 4.2 of this Consortium Agreement.
Defaulting Party means the Party with respect to which a Default or Event of Default has occurred.
Defaulting Party has the meaning given to it in the definition of Event of Default.
Defaulting Party is defined in Section 5.1.
Defaulting Party shall have the meaning assigned in Section 18.