Defaulting Party definition

Defaulting Party has the meaning specified in Section 6(a).
Defaulting Party. As defined in the Swap Agreement.
Defaulting Party means the Party that is subject to an Event of Default.

Examples of Defaulting Party in a sentence

  • The Defaulting Party may not veto decisions relating to its participation and termination in the Consortium or the consequences of them.

  • A Party may not veto decisions relating to its identification as a Defaulting Party.

  • This clause shall not apply where Vantage is the Defaulting Party.

  • The Events of Default set forth in this Agreement and the Non- Defaulting Party’s rights and remedies under this Section 19 shall be in addition to, and not in limitation or exclusion of, and without prejudice to, any other rights which the Non- Defaulting Party may have (whether by agreement, operation of law, in equity or otherwise), including, without limitation, any right of set-off, combination of accounts, lien or other right to which any Party is at any time otherwise entitled.

  • The Non-Defaulting Party will give notice to the Defaulting Party of any Set-off effected under this Section 19.3, provided that any failure to give such notice shall not invalidate the relevant Set-off.

More Definitions of Defaulting Party

Defaulting Party. As defined in Section 7.01(b).
Defaulting Party has the meaning set forth in Section 6.01.
Defaulting Party means the Party with respect to which a Default or Event of Default has occurred.
Defaulting Party has the meaning set forth in Section 13.1.
Defaulting Party has the meaning given to it in the definition of Event of Default.
Defaulting Party. Defaulting Party means a Party which the General Assembly has identified to be in breach of this Consortium Agreement and/or the Grant Agreement as specified in Section 4.2 of this Consortium Agreement.
Defaulting Party is defined in Section 5.1.