Indiana definition

Indiana or “State” shall mean the State of Indiana.
Indiana means the State of Indiana;
Indiana means the State of Indiana and all of its agencies, departments, and instrumentalities, including IDEM.

Examples of Indiana in a sentence

  • Callers from within Indiana may call toll-free at 1-800-451- 6027, ext.

  • The Indiana statutes from IC 13 and rules from 326 IAC, referenced in conditions in this permit, are those applicable at the time the permit was issued.

  • All required notifications shall be submitted to: Indiana Department of Environmental Management Compliance and Enforcement Branch, Office of Air Quality 100 North Senate Avenue MC 61-53 IGCN 1003 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251 The notice shall include a signed certification from the owner or operator that the information provided in this notification is correct and that only Indiana licensed workers and project supervisors will be used to implement the asbestos removal project.

  • Indiana Licensed Asbestos InspectorThe Permittee shall comply with 326 IAC 14-10-1(a) that requires the owner or operator, prior to a renovation/demolition, to use an Indiana Licensed Asbestos Inspector to thoroughly inspect the affected portion of the facility for the presence of asbestos.

  • For each emergency lasting one (1) hour or more, the Permittee submitted the attached Emergency Occurrence Report Form or its equivalent, either by mail or facsimile to: Indiana Department of Environmental Management Compliance and Enforcement Branch, Office of Air Quality 100 North Senate Avenue MC 61-53 IGCN 1003 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251 within two (2) working days of the time when emission limitations were exceeded due to the emergency.

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Indiana shall notify SIGCORP promptly in writing of the occurrence of any Trigger Event, it being understood that the giving of such notice by Indiana shall not be a condition to the right of SIGCORP to exercise the Indiana Option. In the event SIGCORP wishes to exercise the Indiana Option, SIGCORP shall deliver to Indiana a written notice (an "Exercise Notice") specifying the total number of Indiana Shares it wishes to purchase. If at the time of issuance of any Indiana Shares pursuant to an exercise of all or part of the Indiana Option hereunder, Indiana shall not have redeemed the Indiana Rights, or shall have issued any similar securities, then each Indiana Share issued pursuant to such exercise shall also represent Indiana Rights or new rights with terms substantially the same as and at least as favorable to SIGCORP as are provided under the Indiana Rights Agreement or any similar agreement then in effect. Each closing of a purchase of Indiana Shares (a "Closing") shall occur at a place, on a date and at a time designated by SIGCORP in an Exercise Notice delivered at least two business days prior to the date of the Closing. The Indiana Option shall terminate upon the earlier of: (i) the Effective Time; (ii) the termination of the Merger Agreement pursuant to Section 9.1 thereof (other than upon or during the continuance of a Trigger Event); or (iii) 180 days following any termination of the Merger Agreement upon or during the continuance of a Trigger Event (or if, at the expiration of such 180 day period the Indiana Option cannot be exercised by reason of any applicable judgment, decree, order, law or regulation, ten business days after such impediment to exercise shall have been removed or shall have become final and not subject to appeal, but in no event under this clause (iii) later than the third anniversary of the date hereof). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Indiana Option may not be exercised if SIGCORP is in material breach of any of its material representations or warranties, or in material breach of any of its covenants or agreements, contained in this Agreement or in the Merger Agreement. Upon the giving by SIGCORP to Indiana of the Exercise Notice and the tender of the applicable aggregate Exercise Price, SIGCORP shall be deemed to be the holder of record of the Indiana Shares issuable upon such exercise, notwithstanding that the stock transfer books of Indiana shall then be closed or that certificates representing such Indiana Shares shall not...
Indiana. The term “Otherwise Provided by State Law” is stricken from this contract. This Contract is not insurance and is not subject to Indiana insurance law. Your proof of payment to the Retailer for this Service Contract shall be considered proof of payment to the insurance company which guarantees Our obligations to You. If We fail to perform or make payment due under this Contract within sixty (60) days after You request the performance or payment, You may request the performance or payment directly from the insurer that issued the provider's Service Contract reimbursement policy, including any applicable requirement under the Contract that the provider refund any part of the cost of the Contract upon cancellation of the Contract. PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS – The "Pre-Existing Condition:" definition is deleted and replaced with: conditions that were caused by You or known by You prior to purchasing this Service Contract.
Indiana or a "Subsidiary" and together with Cencx, XX, Inc., Houba and HR Cxxxx, xxe "Subsidiaries") which shares are more particularly described on Schedule A hereto (the "Pledged Stock"), (ii) all additional shares of common stock at any time issued to the Pledgee by any of Cencx, XX, Inc., Houba, HR Cxxxx xxx Indiana, (iii) the certificates evidencing all such shares and securities, (iv) subject to Section 6 hereof, all dividends, cash, instruments and other property from time to time received, 2 receivable or otherwise distributed in respect of or in exchange for any or all of the Pledged Stock and such shares and securities and (v) all proceeds of any of the foregoing (including, without limitation, proceeds constituting any property of the types described above). The Pledgor shall deliver to the Pledgee original stock certificates for all of the Pledged Stock, each accompanied by an undated stock power executed in blank by the Pledgor.
Indiana. Kentucky (Federal Benefits Only) " Maine (Future) " Maryland " Massachusetts " Missouri " New Hampshire " New York " North Carolina (Federal Benefits Only) " Pennsylvania " Rhode Island " Tennessee " Vermont " Washington " Washington, DC Lockheed Xxxxxx Kansas eFunds Louisiana " Utah " RAD/ISO EBT SPONSOR CERTIFICATION The undersigned "Sponsor" hereby represents, warrants and certifies that, on the basis of certain representations, warranties or covenants by Sponsor to the respective entities operating each of the following programs for the electronic distribution of government benefits (each, an "EBT Program"), Institution has received all necessary authorizations, consents and approvals and has made all necessary filings and submissions to participate in each such EBT Program. Sponsor acknowledges that MAS is relying upon the foregoing in providing processing services to Institution with respect to such EBI Programs. State Program ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Sponsor and Institution agree to provide MAS with at least thirty (30) days written notice prior to any termination or modification of Sponsor's agreement with Institution, or with any of the respective entities operating the foregoing EBT Programs, that would adversely affect Institution's right, power or authority to fully participate in any such EBT Program. If Sponsor enters into any arrangement that would limit the authority of Institution to charge card holders a fee for use of Institution's terminals, Sponsor shall provide MAS written notice thereof on or before the execution of this RAD/ISO EBT SPONSOR CERTIFICATION or thereafter at least sixty (60) days prior to the effectiveness of such limitation. ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED: SPONSOR INSTITUTION EFS NATIONAL BANK CARDTRONICS, LP By: /s/ E. T. Haslam By: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx ------------------------------ ----------------------------------- PRINT: E. T. Haslam PRINT: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx TITLE: Chief Financial Officer TITLE: Chief Operating Officer NON-MEMBER TERMINAL AGREEMENT AND SERVICE XXXX LICENSE THIS AGREEMENT made by and between CIRRUS System, Inc. (hereinafter "CIRRUS") and Cardtronics, LP (hereinafter "Non-member).
Indiana means that certain Vessel owned or to be owned by Indiana, with Hull Number S-1029 and registered or to be registered under the flag of the Republic of Malta;
Indiana. Insight Communications of Indiana, LLC.
Indiana means survey respondents who stated on the survey that they lived in Indiana in Spring 2014, when they were taking the survey. It is assumed that many of these are native Hoosiers, but the data do not show how many were born in