Conifer definition

Conifer means a tree that is a Douglas-fir, true fir, pine, western hemlock, spruce, or cedar.
Conifer means a pine tree or cone-bearing seed plant.
Conifer means a tree with needle leaves and woody cone fruit.

Examples of Conifer in a sentence

  • The member must contact Conifer Health Solutions by calling 1-866-292-8090 to obtain pre- certification before inpatient hospital confinement.

  • All legacy trees shall be retained during harvest operations Conifer inclusions shall be maintained as part of the deer wintering habitat.

  • Poor Conifer SwampArea, patch sizes, age-class distribution, stocking bycomponent forest type by ecozone.

  • Log prices shall be: Conifer Logs Price per MBF Douglas-fir $Hemlock and other conifers $172.19Utility (pulp) logs, adjusted gross scale At price abovePeelable cull logs, adjusted gross scale At price above Hardwood Logs Price per MBF Alder and other hardwoods $406.75Sawmill grade logs under 30 board feet $406.75Utility (pulp) logs, adjusted gross scale $406.75 Contingent Price Adjustment.

  • See Table 2 for a list of tolerant conifers for over the top treatments.TANK MIXING – Conifer Release TreatmentsCertain liquid formulations of other pesticides may increase the postemergence activity of this product, but may also increase the potential for injury when applied over the top of various plants.

  • Conifer trees with multiple tops and crooks are acceptable if the defect is at least 40 feet above the ground.

  • Conifer mortality results from complex interactions amongst native insects and pathogens, forest conditions, and climate patterns.

  • Therefore, tank mixtures of these materials with this product may be more injurious than this product applied alone and need to be tested to determine if they can be used safely on a widespread basis.ADJUVANTS – Conifer Release TreatmentsWhen applying as a Conifer Release Treatment, do not mix this product with any adjuvant or fertilizer.IMPORTANT: When applied as directed, the conifers listed in Table 2 have shown tolerance to this product.

  • Rich Conifer SwampArea, patch sizes, age-class distribution, stocking bycomponent forest type by ecozone.

  • Conifer logs with a minimum 12 inch diameter at breast height (DBH) and approximately 20 feet in length or longer are to be removed and stockpiled at a specified location.

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Conifer. Conifer Shipping Company Limited, a company organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus;
Conifer means a tree that is a Douglas-fir, Western Larch, true Fir, Pine, Western Hemlock, Spruce, or Cedar.

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